Conversations with the enlightened.

Der da der indeed

do you follow jesus?


you deny ur savior who died onthe cross for you?


ur goingto hell forthat

What makes you think that?

cause ur not supposed to deny jesus der da der

According to who?

duh the bible u idoit

So… You just read books and do what they say, do you?

I read the bible and do wat it say’s because the bible is true and u are wack in the head satanist

Sorry, but the Bible is just a book of mythology.  There are people who consider the Qur’an to be the word of a god, but as you’re apparently aware, it isn’t.  That’s how I view your Bible.

you aren’t wack your retarded who told u this the bible is not fiction it’s truth don’t blame me when u die and go to the mythical HELL

X) Nobody had to “tell” me. It’s obvious. Why, do you have some evidence that the Bible’s foundational claims are true?

yes plenty satanist how do u think we know and found out about Leanord Divinci because of texts and history the same is with the bible texts and pages formed together and put into a book

X) Yes, but the claim “A guy named Leonardo Da Vinci who was an inventor existed” is different than the claim “A magical omnipotent spirit created the Universe and if you don’t believe in his son you have to be tortured for eternity after you die.”

dummy didn’t i just give u the… ahh your so dum ….just wait you’ll be proven otherwise

X) No. All you gave me was the claim that since written documents prove Da Vinci’s existence, then presumably the fact that written documents contain the foundational claims of Christianity, they must also be true.

wats ur address so i can whoop that ass for talkin about the lord like that

XD Yeah, if my arguments were that weak I’d probably resort to violence as well.
So, what’s your alleged evidence, again? The fact that it’s written down in documents that have been collated?

my evidense is faith, history , texts and stories passed down from generations to generations*

Ahh, okay. So your “evidence” is that it’s written down and that you have faith.

”sigh” you’ll never learn how do u think we exist right now

How do I think we exist? That’s kind of a vague question.

answer it then

Right now, I’m existing in a sitting position in front of a computer.

so am i but don’t u think theres a little bit more than that like your soul

Not really. I have a mind, I have a personality, but I don’t see any evidence that those are due to anything supernatural.

supernatural is a word depicting Ghosts but i think holyness is wat u mean

Call it what you like.

for real like man tell me where u are so i can make u feel the hand of god smack right across ur face

X) I’ll give you my address if you can present even one piece of evidence that your god exists.

ok then read the bible for once

I have read the Bible.

then u shouls know

The Bible contains no proof, only a bunch of stories.

ok then think of where the bible texts came from they are all from historical places

X) The text of the Qur’an came from “historical places” as well; does that make the Qur’an true?

but that is from tall tales old tall tales the bible is from writings of events that had happened

And how do you know that the stories in the Bible actually happened?

from proven results accuringto the events like the egyptians and how the plague happened that was told in egyptian texts

X) The Biblical plagues were *not* reported in any Egyptian records. Sorry to disappoint you.

sorry to disappoint u but historical nigerians had a messenger back from egypt telling of plagues during egypt put it into texts

Okey-dokey; go ahead and show me how you know that to be true, then.

uh duh explorations of egypt and nigerian cities show proof of writings telling of the plague der da der

All right, go ahead and present some proof of those claims, then.

i just told you where….uhhhh!!!….i tols u where to look it up at dummy how much moer proof do u want

XD Just saying “There is some proof in some documents in Nigeria!” is not itself proof of anything.
I could just as easily present “proof” along those lines that any other religion is also true.

like wat one satanism the thing u worship

X) I’m not a Satanist.
Seriously, though, you could do it for any religion. Let’s take Islam for instance.
Many archaeological discoveries prove that the Qur’an is true!
There is proof that Islam is true in a document in Uganda!

thats where the bible came from dummy first through the hebrews in islam and then to us

You’re mixing up Islam and Judaism. Christianity branched off from Judaism.

hebrews started the teachings of god then the other cultures adapted to it oh wat ya gonna say now every mimic u say i have a solution

XD That’s not a “solution.” You’re still incorrect; Christianity did not derive from Islam, it derived principally from Judaism.  Judaism (the Hebrew religion) and Islam are two different things.

oh my god didn’t i say other cultures adapt to it lthink before u speak u have time too were writing texts on a pc

XD Here’s what you said.
“thats where the bible came from dummy first through the hebrews in islam and then to us”
If you weren’t muddling Islam and Judaism, what did you mean by saying that Christianity came from “the hebrews in islam”?

hebrews made evry one adapt then judasim adapted then the wholr rets of the world spread into religions depicting god how much more info d

At any rate, back to my original point: your “proof”– claims of documents in Africa– could be used to “prove” any religion.

but don’t forget god depicted religions came from Islam aha wat about that

XD What?! Islam is *younger* than Christianity. Are you saying that Christianity is not a “god depicted religion”?

duh islam is younger it was the first to start it then christins caught on u just went against ur self idiot

…No. “Youngest” means… newer. As in, not first.
Christianity is older than Islam. Therefore, Christianity cannot have come from Islam.

know youngest in human age mean newer youngest in texts means oldest like say the youngest form of football was in the early 1900s

XD! Wow. “Youngest” is the opposite of “oldest” when it comes to both people and texts.
At any rate, how can Christianity have come from Islam when Christianity was around before Islam?

not back then it wasn’t now youngest means newest but the bible is from back then and islam was the start of god depicted religoin

So you’re claiming that Islam was around before Christianity, are you?  Despite the fact that the founder of Islam was born five hundred years after the founder of Christianity?

thats exactly wat i’m claiming and your claiming thought with know meanings i have fact behind my speech

I’m going to ask the obvious question here.  How can Islam have been around before Christianity, given that its founder was born 500 years after the advent of Christianity?  Was Mohammed a time traveler?

your wrong Islam was the start then christinity was born 100 years later
It’s funargueng with u finally an argument worth fighting for
even though your wrong lol
o know we have been talkin for nearly an half an hour you must be a true hard head and don’topen up to ideas which u think our wrong
i got to go i added u so we can finish this arguement later alright satanist
oh yeah Islam was the first religion if god dummy’

So, how do you reconcile your assertion that Islam is older than Christianity with the fact that Islam was founded after Christianity?

actully Islam was founded in 212 bc while christianity was born in 10ac

Then how do you account for Mohammed being alive some 700 years later?

bc is before ac so sorry u got it wrong

…No. I’m aware of that, and it’s consistent with what I’ve just said.
What dating system is “A.C.” from, anyway?

It means after christ

So you believe that Jesus lived less than two years?

wat wat are u talkin bout

Well, if you’re dividing time into years “Before Christ” and “After Christ,” then you must believe that Jesus was not alive for an entire calendar year.

bc means before christ was fully developed and ac means after christ died and in between them is when christ was fully developed

Why not just use the standard B.C./A.D. dating system?

because that’s how they did it i guess weird huh?
i just was are u blimed

No, you said you used some “B.C./A.C.” system that divides years after Jesus’s alleged birth.  Wouldn’t that make this the 1980s?


9 responses

  1. Edward newgate

    He be a Trollin and doesn’t afraid of anything dummy

    April 1, 2011 at 7:25 pm


    New Stuff!!! 😥
    Miss coming back every four days and finding an epic convo that keeps me from killing myself lol…

    April 22, 2011 at 8:00 am

  3. noname

    I have the extreme urge to shout in a whiny and impatient way “PLEASE POST MORE”.
    Don’t worry though, most of us do understand that it takes a while to find a conversation that is funny enough. Most of them probably know you by now and avoid talking.

    Hope to see more material soon.

    May 2, 2011 at 11:17 am

  4. Mynamerox

    Do wish for more.
    Everything on this website is pure gold.

    May 14, 2011 at 1:09 am

  5. GOD (jk jk Im real)

    Agreed! more is needed though 😉

    July 18, 2011 at 10:18 am

  6. murloc holmes

    DwTs, if i knew who you were and where you lived i would be over there in an hour licking your very balls.
    are u gonna continue doing this? it was an interesting run with you, but i wish u would at least tell us were youve been 😦

    September 25, 2011 at 11:51 pm

    • You’ll have to forgive me; I’ve gone back to school and just haven’t had time to conduct the rather lengthy “fishing expeditions” into Christian chat rooms it takes to produce good DwTs. I do appreciate your appreciation, and I assure you that the next time I have a load of free time on my hands I’ll get back to DwTing.

      I don’t know if this helps make up for it to you, but I have been spending some of the intervening time writing anti-creationist opinion pieces of the newspaper where I’m interning.

      September 26, 2011 at 12:48 am

      • murloc holmes

        I didnt expect you to respond that quick.

        Completely understandable, we are all patient atheists, so take as long as you need.

        An article by DwTs? Make sure to upload it when its done, that would deff be a worthwhile read.

        September 26, 2011 at 9:51 pm

  7. Mynamerox

    Sounds more constructive but I love this site 😀

    September 26, 2011 at 7:11 pm

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