Conversations with the enlightened.


Do you know Jesus

Not personally, no.

He is the most important person youl ever meet

I take it you’re claiming that he was the son of a god who sacrificed his life in order to redeem mankind of its sins and that I can only get to Heaven by taking him into my heart etc.?

Well they wrote a book based on him…must of had something special.

If you say so.

So u dont believe in a higher being exist…do you believe we evolved from monkeys ..and yet there is still monkeys in the world

No, I don’t believe we evolved from monkeys.

good because evolution wipes out one specie and forms another…evolution

No; that’s not evolution. Evolution describes changes in allele frequencies in populations over time. Speciation is the branching off of one species from another due to accumulation of these genetic changes.  It’s not necessarily true that the ancestral species will die out while the descendant species persists.

I was talking in sort terms ..same thing just sorter words
shorter words

No. You said that evolution “wipes out one species and forms another.” I pointed out that when a new species forms, the old species isn’t necessarily wiped out.

science show that in place of the species a new is formed and the one that it replaces does becomes extinct

Untrue. After all, if that were the case, every species from which another species has branched would be extinct.

show me a dinasour, or anther species that suppolibly were evolved that still exist

All existent species were formed by evolution, so take your pick.
Oh, you mean a species from which another species has branched?

and Id like to know were u got a phd, or a ba in college

X) This is basic science. You don’t need a PhD to understand it any more than you need a PhD to understand heliocentrism.

yes Id like a species that still exists that are still the same type..I can name 1

Take the Culex pipiens mosquito for instance, the species from which the London Underground mosquito is thought to have derived.

yea, but still a mosquito

Yup. What’s your point?

that one don’t count cause it didn’t evolve into anything

Speciation is evolution.

birds came from more dinasours. closest thing is reptiles. evolution

Evolution is change in allele frequencies in populations over time. One form of life gradually evolving into a completely different form is evolution, but subtler alterations are evolution as well.

bestu go back and redue your report …but good chat…I had fun…but got to get back to my science lab work…thank you

XD Your “science lab work.” Right. I didn’t know they gave people without basic scientific training their own labs.

called good college, they give u a job anywhere…phd buddy study hard you can get there…back to basic for u

X) Yes, maybe if I study hard enough I can completely unlearn the fundamentals of biology.

is evolution theory or fact…and what it have to do with a scientist not a doctor..I make more money

If you were a professional scientist, you’d know that in scientific parlance “theory” and “fact” are not mutually exclusive.

everything in science is based on theory until proven other which becomes fact..

Honestly…  If you’re going to pretend to be a professional scientist, at least learn the basics. A theory, in scientific parlance, is a framework of explanations used to address an observed phenomenon.
Something can be both an established fact and a “theory” in the scientific sense. Take the theory of gravitation, for instance.

take the theory of black hole or of an atom…one has been turned to fact…other isn’t fact it is just a basic theory..I can have a theory

XD Please listen. This will help you in future attempts to pretend to be a scientist.

about how fast someone is going to drive a car..but until it happens it don’t become fact

“Theory,” in scientific jargon, does not necessarily denote uncertainty. As I pointed out, the theory of gravitation is well-established, as is the germ theory of disease and so forth. You’re using “theory” in the colloquial sense, not in the scientific sense.

if u travel a mile at light speed, theory has it time stands still for u while everyone ages..hasn’t been proven fact yet..its just an idea..

So, are you a research scientist? What field do you work in?

theory is just an idea someone has…and want to try it out..real science
if Im on, at home and I see you on…be more than happy to continue this confersation. with u.

What field do you work in?





3 responses

  1. Anonymous

    He’s such a professional.

    these are getting more and more painful to read, but also a whole lot funnier.

    February 15, 2011 at 1:36 am

  2. noname

    These never fail to make me laugh..

    February 15, 2011 at 10:51 pm

  3. God (Jk Jk I'm real)

    “classified” 😉

    February 16, 2011 at 2:23 am

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