Conversations with the enlightened.

In chair we trust

have you been forgiven?

Am I to assume you’re referring to being forgiven by Jesus for my sins?

the son of god

I don’t believe that Jesus was the son of a god, or that one should ask him for forgiveness of one’s sins, or any of that, no.

then who was he

Just some guy, presumably.

can’t agree with that. I know him to be true

Okey-dokey. What evidence do you base that judgment on?

He is inside of me in everything I do. I know I am never alone. He encourages me whenI’m down and lifts me up when I’m weak

So you base this belief in a general impression of your god’s existence, but not on any specific, testable evidence.

They are finding more and more proof that the bible is real therefore God is real everyday. Just look at the Exodus proof they had foryears and didn’t know it

And what proof exactly are you claiming there is for your god’s existence?

The proof is that everything in the Bible is real, truth , fact. Everyday they prove the bible is a historical fact which makes God real.
Plus I feel him in every inch of my being

XD Oh, that could so easily be misinterpreted.
Anyway, what evidence are you presenting as proof of your god’s existence?

the evidence is that you are here and I am here at this exact moment. We didn’t come from apes and we don’t exist just to become dirt

How does the fact that you and I exist prove the existence of the Christian god?

What’s the point of living if you just die

X) I’ll address that question after you’ve addressed mine.

the phrase christian comes from man. My Gods real name is I AM
Jehovah, Yahweh all mean the same thing

So… now that we’ve got your god’s aliases straightened out, can you please show me some evidence?

but they mean the same thing. Can you say that it feels good to help people or do you prefer to hurt
I do have evidence but you can’t see it. You are trying to understand the mind of GOD

XD Sorry, but “They found some archaeological evidence I can’t tell you anything about! The Bible is true. We didn’t come from apes. What’s the point of living if you just die?” is not evidence of a god.

a building can’t understand his maker

And now the bad analogies begin.  No, a building can’t understand its maker because a building can’t understand anything because a building has no nervous system.
But, to answer your earlier question, I prefer to promote benefit than to promote harm.

you can thank adam and eve for that

X) I shall, immediately after I’ve finished thanking Hansel and Gretel for getting rid of the witch.

you know good from evil

I am able to discern good from evil fairly effectively, I think.

as a matter of fact do you really believe that there is no God

I don’t believe that there’s a god, no.

but you have faith

Not in the sense that I, as a policy, endorse beliefs on the basis of something other than evidence in their favour, no.

you stroke the keys without worrying if the words will come out. Do you hold the chair everytime you sit?

You seem to be mixing up believing in things with evidence with believing in things without evidence.

You have faith that a piece of wood or metal or plastic will hold you up everytime

If that’s what you want to call “faith,” then, yes, though that’s not the way the word is generally used in the context of religion.

thats just it there is no proof that everytime you sit in a chair that it will hold you up

Sure there is.

I’m sure you have seen chairs break before

Yup. If I were to be absolutely certain that the chair would not break, that would be irrational; I wouldn’t endorse that belief.

You are answering your own question. Why sit in a chair if you don’t personally check it everytime you sit in it

Because the evidence indicates that it will almost definitely support me.

there is no evidence if you don’t check it

Yes, if I’d never made any observations relevant to the way chairs behave, I wouldn’t have a basis for that conclusion. Luckily, however, since birth I’ve been able to make observations of chairs and of other objects possessing the same properties as chairs.

that is your reason for not believing in God

You know, I get into lots of these conversations, and I honestly I can’t think of what to say to that.

well other people tell you that a chair is safe to sit on
other people in the bible tell me my God is real

Yes. And if I believed that chairs were safe purely on that basis, I would be an idiot.

research is nothing but what other people say

I have observed the way chairs behave and the way objects sharing the properties of chairs behave. This is what forms the basis of my expectations re: the behaviour of chairs. A way I can test these expectations is to sit in chairs repeatedly. If my expectations are confirmed reasonably consistently by this test, that reinforces– totally rationally and with no faith required– the hypothesis that chairs are generally trustworthy for sitting in.

you choose to have faith in a powerless chair and not an all powerful God
you can try God right now too. Just believe

All right; provide me with proof that your god exists and I will believe.

you don’t go through all that to have a seat. Faith is as easy as that

Of course I do. If I knew nothing of the way chairs might behave, I would feel compelled to gather that information before sitting.

do you check your clothing too. because, thread is not strong enough to hold clothing together

No, but if I had no prior knowledge of the properties of thread or thread-like objects, I would.

no reasoning or evidence that suggests that thread can do what it does

Sure it does. We can observe the properties of thread all around us. We can test the properties of thread just as we can the properties of any other physical thing.

but the scientific facts of thread doesn’t support your observation

If observation consistently contravenes a “fact,” then one should reassess that “fact.”

scientists have already proven that thread is not strong enough to hold clothes together. It has baffled the scientific world for ever

XD Okay. Are you positive you’re not a troll? If so, I congratulate you on your technique.

yet you put clothes on with out worrying. You have faith
Use the same faith you use to sit down and dress and believe in God

If my observations led me to believe that my clothes would fall apart, I would have that expectation. However, since copious observations have confirmed that clothes generally stay together, that is what I expect.

your proof is only visual then. And nothing is what it looks like.

X) “Only” visual? Which sense do you consider to be the proper one by which to absorb evidence?

but there are so many more things in life that you take for granted

What’s your argument, anyway? “You believe stuff for no reason, so you should believe the stuff I believe for no reason for no reason”?

for example do you know how easy it is to die

I realize that death can come suddenly and unexpectedly, yes.

if you have no faith, how do you by groceries, or shower, wash clothes, walk, sleep, without worrying about death

Because, using basic logic, I’ve determined that the odds of my dying randomly at any given moment are quite low.

not so really the only thing low is getting struck by lightning. but there are still millions of things in your house that can kill you

Yes, it’s possible to die in many ways, but the odds of an individual dying in a given second are generally low.
If the odds are so high, how is it that the average lifespan is so long? By your assertion, life should only last a few minutes on average.

you are going by what man says again. Man has no basis to prove anything considering that they haven’t created anything

Humans have created all kinds of things, obviously, though I’m not particularly interested in arguing that point.  So, are you assessing that estimates of the average lifespan are incorrect, and that the average lifespan is only a few minutes long?

I’ll finish this convo later
so what do you think

What do I think? I think you’re either the second coming of Brick Tamland or a very effective troll.

nothing that lives unless you consider childbirth and what really happens then
chairs and clothing


4 responses

  1. Lindsey

    “scientists have already proven that thread is not strong enough to hold clothes together. It has baffled the scientific world for ever”

    I can’t even

    January 30, 2011 at 12:57 pm

  2. anonymous


    “nothing that lives unless you consider childbirth and what really happens then
    chairs and clothing”

    January 30, 2011 at 5:38 pm

  3. God (Jk Jk I'm real)

    Lawlocaust! I’ve heard the whole “sit in a chair, you have faith” argument before. It is actually difficult to answer because faith is such a liberally used word in English. But come on, believing a chair will hold you up because of basic physical properties and past experience is WAY different than believing an invisible sky fairy created and manipulates the world! For one thing, the latter is untestable and unfalsifiable lol. Nice handling of it though Dances 😉

    January 31, 2011 at 4:51 am

  4. noname

    LMAO well you could also test the validity and soundness of claims about chairs. When you do the same with “god”, every claim is disproved…
    I’ve never seen this argument before, pretty interesting to see in what directions they go to try to rationalize the irrational, or rather, rationalize their irrational faith for the irrational (lol sry for the play on words).

    February 1, 2011 at 4:14 am

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