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In chair we trust

have you been forgiven?

Am I to assume you’re referring to being forgiven by Jesus for my sins?

the son of god

I don’t believe that Jesus was the son of a god, or that one should ask him for forgiveness of one’s sins, or any of that, no.

then who was he

Just some guy, presumably.

can’t agree with that. I know him to be true

Okey-dokey. What evidence do you base that judgment on?

He is inside of me in everything I do. I know I am never alone. He encourages me whenI’m down and lifts me up when I’m weak

So you base this belief in a general impression of your god’s existence, but not on any specific, testable evidence.

They are finding more and more proof that the bible is real therefore God is real everyday. Just look at the Exodus proof they had foryears and didn’t know it

And what proof exactly are you claiming there is for your god’s existence?

The proof is that everything in the Bible is real, truth , fact. Everyday they prove the bible is a historical fact which makes God real.
Plus I feel him in every inch of my being

XD Oh, that could so easily be misinterpreted.
Anyway, what evidence are you presenting as proof of your god’s existence?

the evidence is that you are here and I am here at this exact moment. We didn’t come from apes and we don’t exist just to become dirt

How does the fact that you and I exist prove the existence of the Christian god?

What’s the point of living if you just die

X) I’ll address that question after you’ve addressed mine.

the phrase christian comes from man. My Gods real name is I AM
Jehovah, Yahweh all mean the same thing

So… now that we’ve got your god’s aliases straightened out, can you please show me some evidence?

but they mean the same thing. Can you say that it feels good to help people or do you prefer to hurt
I do have evidence but you can’t see it. You are trying to understand the mind of GOD

XD Sorry, but “They found some archaeological evidence I can’t tell you anything about! The Bible is true. We didn’t come from apes. What’s the point of living if you just die?” is not evidence of a god.

a building can’t understand his maker

And now the bad analogies begin.  No, a building can’t understand its maker because a building can’t understand anything because a building has no nervous system.
But, to answer your earlier question, I prefer to promote benefit than to promote harm.

you can thank adam and eve for that

X) I shall, immediately after I’ve finished thanking Hansel and Gretel for getting rid of the witch.

you know good from evil

I am able to discern good from evil fairly effectively, I think.

as a matter of fact do you really believe that there is no God

I don’t believe that there’s a god, no.

but you have faith

Not in the sense that I, as a policy, endorse beliefs on the basis of something other than evidence in their favour, no.

you stroke the keys without worrying if the words will come out. Do you hold the chair everytime you sit?

You seem to be mixing up believing in things with evidence with believing in things without evidence.

You have faith that a piece of wood or metal or plastic will hold you up everytime

If that’s what you want to call “faith,” then, yes, though that’s not the way the word is generally used in the context of religion.

thats just it there is no proof that everytime you sit in a chair that it will hold you up

Sure there is.

I’m sure you have seen chairs break before

Yup. If I were to be absolutely certain that the chair would not break, that would be irrational; I wouldn’t endorse that belief.

You are answering your own question. Why sit in a chair if you don’t personally check it everytime you sit in it

Because the evidence indicates that it will almost definitely support me.

there is no evidence if you don’t check it

Yes, if I’d never made any observations relevant to the way chairs behave, I wouldn’t have a basis for that conclusion. Luckily, however, since birth I’ve been able to make observations of chairs and of other objects possessing the same properties as chairs.

that is your reason for not believing in God

You know, I get into lots of these conversations, and I honestly I can’t think of what to say to that.

well other people tell you that a chair is safe to sit on
other people in the bible tell me my God is real

Yes. And if I believed that chairs were safe purely on that basis, I would be an idiot.

research is nothing but what other people say

I have observed the way chairs behave and the way objects sharing the properties of chairs behave. This is what forms the basis of my expectations re: the behaviour of chairs. A way I can test these expectations is to sit in chairs repeatedly. If my expectations are confirmed reasonably consistently by this test, that reinforces– totally rationally and with no faith required– the hypothesis that chairs are generally trustworthy for sitting in.

you choose to have faith in a powerless chair and not an all powerful God
you can try God right now too. Just believe

All right; provide me with proof that your god exists and I will believe.

you don’t go through all that to have a seat. Faith is as easy as that

Of course I do. If I knew nothing of the way chairs might behave, I would feel compelled to gather that information before sitting.

do you check your clothing too. because, thread is not strong enough to hold clothing together

No, but if I had no prior knowledge of the properties of thread or thread-like objects, I would.

no reasoning or evidence that suggests that thread can do what it does

Sure it does. We can observe the properties of thread all around us. We can test the properties of thread just as we can the properties of any other physical thing.

but the scientific facts of thread doesn’t support your observation

If observation consistently contravenes a “fact,” then one should reassess that “fact.”

scientists have already proven that thread is not strong enough to hold clothes together. It has baffled the scientific world for ever

XD Okay. Are you positive you’re not a troll? If so, I congratulate you on your technique.

yet you put clothes on with out worrying. You have faith
Use the same faith you use to sit down and dress and believe in God

If my observations led me to believe that my clothes would fall apart, I would have that expectation. However, since copious observations have confirmed that clothes generally stay together, that is what I expect.

your proof is only visual then. And nothing is what it looks like.

X) “Only” visual? Which sense do you consider to be the proper one by which to absorb evidence?

but there are so many more things in life that you take for granted

What’s your argument, anyway? “You believe stuff for no reason, so you should believe the stuff I believe for no reason for no reason”?

for example do you know how easy it is to die

I realize that death can come suddenly and unexpectedly, yes.

if you have no faith, how do you by groceries, or shower, wash clothes, walk, sleep, without worrying about death

Because, using basic logic, I’ve determined that the odds of my dying randomly at any given moment are quite low.

not so really the only thing low is getting struck by lightning. but there are still millions of things in your house that can kill you

Yes, it’s possible to die in many ways, but the odds of an individual dying in a given second are generally low.
If the odds are so high, how is it that the average lifespan is so long? By your assertion, life should only last a few minutes on average.

you are going by what man says again. Man has no basis to prove anything considering that they haven’t created anything

Humans have created all kinds of things, obviously, though I’m not particularly interested in arguing that point.  So, are you assessing that estimates of the average lifespan are incorrect, and that the average lifespan is only a few minutes long?

I’ll finish this convo later
so what do you think

What do I think? I think you’re either the second coming of Brick Tamland or a very effective troll.

nothing that lives unless you consider childbirth and what really happens then
chairs and clothing


you think people was made of apes and gorillas????!!!!!!!!!!!


Jesus is all what?


Well, that’s obviously not true.

what do you believe

What do I believe about what?


Jesus was just some guy. Perhaps he was a religious leader, but he didn’t bring people back to life.

YOU ARE NOTHING you say jesus isnt real God shall punish all that says such things
God shall cast you to hell you shall be put on the chains of darkness each day YOU WILL SUFFER FOR WHAT U HAVE SAID

XD Calm down there, Sparky.

scream and yell saying im a sinner and i need help God shall forgive all as shall Jesus Christ and the holoy ghost
spelled holy wrong

Why should I ask forgiveness of a god who’s clearly less moral than I am?

God has created all the ground, water you drink, the food you eat. without god no life shall come upon earth

So what? That doesn’t change the fact that your god is utterly amoral.

moral is not a object or thing no matter what moral we are still the same

You don’t believe it’s better to help people than it is to harm them?

i do beleive ive help the poor, the homless, and suicidle.if you beleive and worship another god then that is a great sin

If you believe that it’s good to help people, why would you worship a god who murders and tortures people?

give thanks to our lord of lords and king of kings for Jesus giving up his life to save all sins
a great sacrafice something to say thanks
he came back to life as if the holy spirit gave him life

Do you have any proof that any of that is true?

the cross still stands of where Jesus was killed it is said in the bible our guide to the lords plan

So… there’s a wooden cross somewhere, and that proves that an omnipotent spirit created and oversees the Universe.

correct but it isnt somewhere it is in isreail
i think thats right i need to read over the bible

First off– no, the cross that Jesus was crucified on is not still standing.
Secondly– even if it were, that wouldn’t prove that the Christian god exists.

THEN HOW DO YOU THIK WE ARE HERE you think people was made of apes and gorillas????!!!!!!!!!!!
i mean think

…No, I don’t think we were made of apes and gorillas, but we do share common ancestors with apes and gorillas.


What species of gorillas there are now evolved from ancestral species of primate.

im asking you of why our ancester are apes and gorillas!!!!!!

I didn’t say our ancestors were apes and gorillas; I said that have common ancestors with apes and gorillas.

explain why you think that then

Because all evidence indicates that all life on Earth derived from a common ancestor. Assuming you accept that, it wouldn’t make sense to say that humans and gorillas somehow originated independently. Besides, we share almost all of our DNA with and bear a strong phenotypical resemblance to these species; a creationist model would be hard-pressed to account for that.

how did these primates came to earth then

They would have evolved from ancestral species, and so on.

how could these apes became on earth then

They would have evolved from ancestral species. You know, evolution. Everything on Earth is descended from a common ancestor, therefore the answer to “Where did that species come from?” is going to be “It evolved from another species,” aside, of course, from the first lifeform produced by abiogenesis and artificially-produced organisms.

YOU shall learn the true ways and when your in hell you wont have time to pray to God and admit your a sinner and you beleive cuase you will be tortured in the fire pit of hell and cry tears of blood that you wished to be saved and you spend your life in hell forever

Who would want to worship a god who does that?


I don’t believe in any gods.

God is not wrong he punishes the evil and nonchristians such as you and give christians Life and power in heaven

Only an evil god would torture someone for their beliefs.

you do not understand a thing of what im saying for i am a prophet

I understand what you’re saying; it’s just that what you’re saying is nonsense. No one who supports human liberty would worship the god you describe.

im sorry you wont be devoted to chirstanity all your life in hell all my life in heaven God bless your heart

XD Bite me, you pompous hypocrite. You worship a god who’s both imaginary and evil; you don’t have much justification for taking the moral high ground.

what is your name in real life is it adam is it sally or are you just the devil himself

You believe that the Devil champions rationality, compassion, and liberty?

I mean not

Your god obviously doesn’t promote good; remember, he tortures people for eternity for refusing to accept a completely unevidenced proposition.


Yes, you’re very good at arranging words with slashes between them; I can see that. Seriously, though. You believe in a god (who there’s no proof even exists) who murders and tortures billions. How can you justify that to yourself?


Then you must believe that reason and compassion are evil.


X) I’m not retarded enough to believe something without evidence.


Well, there’s one thing we agree on.

soon you shall understand
in the the lord jesus christ and and the holy ghost i cammand you to quit saying i worship the devil

I never said you worshiped the devil, just that the god you worship is evil.

AND i also cammand you in God, Jesus Christ, and the holy spirit you quit saying God is evil

Your god is evil.


Hrm.  No, I can still talk.
Your god doesn’t seem to be coming through for you.

You shall never find love you shall never be happy AND YOU SHALL BE KILLED AND CAST UPON HELL ON THE CHAINS OF DARKNESS

Er… I already have experienced love and happiness, sorry. You, on the other hand, apparently lead such a frustrating and pointless existence that you feel compelled to scream at strangers about how they should be murdered.

then your love shall be banished away from you without beleiving in God nothing good happens im wasting my time
im blocking you!!!!!!!!
>:’O no matter how hard i try i cant get non beleivers in t the greatest religion
the religion of the lord the one who created all

Your religion is just one of thousands. It’s popular for the moment, but, like all popular religions, it will eventually fade away.
At any rate, if you want to convince people that your religion is the most enlightened, shrieking about torture may not be the best approach.

FOR MY REAL NAME IS Garret witch means in my religion Gods warrior

So what? My name means “remembered of god”; it’s just a name.

AND YOU are nothing without God your a nonbeleiver God is not proud of you

I wouldn’t seek your god’s approval any more than I would seek Hitler’s approval.

if you change your ways of mind and beleive in the lord mail me my address [email address]

Sorry, but the only thing that could convince me to accept the truthfulness of your worldview would be evidence of its truthfulness.

but i dont beleive you wont devote to christianity for now i block

Jesus loves youh

Jesus died for youh

That sounds like a poorly-considered decision on his part.


I mean, I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to be tortured and executed on my behalf. And anyway, the idea of someone taking responsibility for someone else’s decisions is just absurd.

I pray for your forgivness, Honestly….

I don’t seek your god’s forgiveness.

Youh should beh so enlightened by thah fact our Lord has Mercy for ppl like youh..

Why should I care? Your god’s forgiveness– even if he did exist– is not something that I would seek.

What do youh plan 2 do when he is facing youh with all of his glory? and he asks 1 simple question… “With all i have given you, Why have you forsaken me?”

If that happened, I would probably say something along the lines of, “I forsook you because you were a deranged, perverse tyrant. I forsook you because I don’t make it a practice of devoting myself to mass murderers.”

???? ppl like youh piss meh off, the world is PERFECT with water, air, food, light, darkness. EVERYTHING we need 2 survive and youh
Dont believe there is ah higher power watching over us?

There’s no evidence of a higher power watching over us.

Ignorant shit
That makes no damn sense at all…..

I reject the belief because there’s no evidence that it’s true; it’s that simple.

No evidence?!? Than do some research youh blind monkey< unevolved with ignorance…

Can you provide me with even a single example of this evidence you seem to think is so plentiful?

They even found the ark of the convenant, what more do youh need?

Which alleged finding are you claiming is the real one?

God wont reveal himself until the end days because he does not want a bunch of mindless zombies fallowing him, every1 who is behind him f
Fallow him out of free will…

Believing something rationally doesn’t negate free will.

Your so hard headed

I value reason.

Sure youh do..

You yourself seem to admit that there is not sufficient proof that your god exists to justify belief in him.

Tell meh when i said thatt….
Thought so…

“God wont reveal himself until the end days because he does not want a bunch of mindless zombies fallowing him, every1 who is behind him f
Fallow him out of free will…”

Dont put words in mah mouth i know what i know and youh r stubburn n hard headed, i pray youh find your way for without God your already

Instead of praying, why don’t you show me some evidence that your claims are true?

That does not mean proof does not exist..

So you are claiming that proof exists, are you? Go ahead and show me an example of it, then.

Beh saved, its all thah “examples” youh will ever need…

So you’re saying that I need to commit to belief in your god before proof will become apparent? That’s absurd.

All throughout time a sort of “God” has been recorded, obviously somthing more powerful than us is out there
Youh never find what youh dont look for, as youh abandon him he abandons youh. Once youh deny thah Holy spirit… Its thah only sin that
Wont beh forgiven, so all i have 2 say is Lord have Mercy on your son for he knows not what he says..

Failing to believe in something that there’s no reason to believe in is not a “sin.”

No Its ppl like youh that r sin! devils work in progress, i look forward 2 seeing youh on thah battlefeild after armegeddon

XD You’re ridiculous. You can’t provide even one shred of evidence that your claims are true. You’re not making a serious effort to convince me; you just keep repeating your claims over and over and telling me how terrible it is that I don’t believe them. On some level, beyond all your shouting about sin and the devil, you must at least suspect that you’re wrong.

Not even a small doubt…..
Oh and just so youh know, scientist have proof of Gods existance, Im unclear of thah wareabout of the location buh its a museum dedicated

Can you refer me to this proof?

Do your own research youh lazy shit youh claim God does not exisit there is no proof, than proof 2 meh that he does not exisit

Trying to prove your points for you is not “my research”; sorry. Would you consider it valid if I said, “Scientists in lab coats have proven that god doesn’t exist! I won’t show you this proof, or tell you anything about it, though. Go find the proof yourself, don’t be lazy”?

Your thah one fighting thah lost cause, Not meh…

X) Yes, “lost” except for the fact that all available evidence is consistent with my position.

Wow, so stuburn. This conversation is over, God Bless Youh With Mercy and Love