Conversations with the enlightened.

The long goodbye

Merry Christmas. : )

You too!

You accept Jesus as your Savior. : )

No I don’t.

Christmas is the birthday of Jesus. you celebrate Jesus.

Yes, I celebrate Christmas. No, I don’t believe in Jesus.



I will pray for you for you are clinging on to nothing.

I’m sure you’d like to believe that.

Yes because it is the truth.

A truth with no evidence supporting it. X)

It is truth sir.
i have proof

Please present it.

ask me any question and i will answer.

What proof is there that your god exists?

Why there is alot of proof.
the world the galaxy who created that.
it did not just appear.

I agree that it didn’t just appear. What proof is there that your god created it?

it was made.
the proof is nothing else could have created it.

Can you prove that?

yes i can be quiet and i will
who do you think created you?

I grew from the union of my parents gametes. Can I see your proof that your god exists now?

I will ask the questions.

Jawohl, herr commandant!

who created you parents?

They grew from the union of their parents’ gametes.

let me save some time and ask who created the very first organism?

That doesn’t make any sense. A “who” would presumably be an organism, so you’re postulating an organism before the first organism.

Let me put it into terms “you” will understand.

Please “do.”

lets say “what” created the very first thing?

One plausible hypothesis is that a simple self-replicator formed which served as an ancestor of the simplest unicellular life. Of course, there’s no way to know exactly how it occurred.

ah but there is.
here is some of my proof.

Ah, finally.

everything the bible says will happen has happen.
it is not a concidence.
for it is God.
With just this little bit of proof certainly you will realize that your thinking is wrong.

So the bit where the world ends and the stars fall from the sky, that’s happened?

It will.
just like everything else.

So when you said “everything the bible says will happen has happen,” you meant “Some of it has happened, some of it hasn’t.”

not yet
but it will

Can you prove that?

Just have faith in God and that is all the proof in God.

So you don’t actually have proof, then.

Can you try something for me?

Maybe. What is it?

I have proof and this is it.

If this is the proof, why’d it take you so long to get around to it?

this is what i want you to do.
do you promise you will be honest with me.

Of course.

here it is
this is what i want you to do.


this might take a second to type ok?
I want you to ask inside your mind and ask “God are you real and is your son real?For so did he die on the cross for me to wash me of my sin?
when you do that tell me if you get a good feeling.
I mean “when” you get a good feeling.

I did it, and it did not produce a good feeling.

The good feeling of warmth, that is Jesus reaching you.

It wasn’t a good feeling of warmth.  More a feeling of mild embarrassment and irritation.

you did not produce it but God did.
I know you did.

XD So now you’re telling me that I had a good feeling.

You are saying that because I have brought proof before you.

You haven’t brought proof; you asked me to do something, and even though I obligingly did it, nothing was proved.

I am not going to make you become a christian, you will have to do that.But can you at least think about it sir.I can see good in you.

…Of course you can see good in me. I’m a good person. Christianity and goodness are not the same thing.

ah but they are.They both have things in common….They both are good.

One can be just as good without Christianity as one can be with.

This is true but you can be better with christianity.
Listen as one brother to another.

That doesn’t make sense. You say “This is true,” but then you go on to contradict what you claim you’re agreeing with.

can you please silence your self so I can speak?
I am not a fast typer.
sorry about that.

Go ahead.

thank you.
Proof if is actually a question.How do you think everything got started?

We don’t currently have the data to determine with any certainty the origin of the Universe.

Not what scientists think I asked you what YOU think.

That’s what I think.

You just said there was no theroy so that means you think nothing.

It means there’s no way to know yet.

No it means there is no hope in you.

XD My hope for life doesn’t really hinge on which scenario for the origin of the Universe ends up being proven.

To you everything is science but answer this,who created science?

Scientific thinking is a human creation.

how did that person get that knowledge?

Get what knowledge? Science is just a way of thinking; all functional humans employ it to some extent.

Exactly!It is just a way of THINKING.
not truth

It’s an effective way of determining the truth.

No it is an effective way to make people think that they can do whatever they want.But it is not.

XD You seem to be a little confused. What exactly do you think scientific thinking entails?

There is my proof.

Your proof of the existence of the Christian god is that you think science is bad because you don’t understand it?

You do not have an answer.

An answer for what?

for my question.
at least think about what I said sir.

Which question? The one about the origin of the Universe?

yes that and all the other questions I asked.

So your proof that the Christian god exists is that humanity doesn’t yet know the answer to every question? You might as well “prove” the existence of your god by asking me the capital of Myanmar; I don’t know that either.

Exactly that are to ignert to accept the truth.
not a history question a life question
Some people are to ignert to accept the truth.

X) Tell me about it.

about what?

I was speaking rhetorically.

If you do not want to hear what I have to say just tell me.

I’ve been asking you to give me proof for a while now. If I didn’t want to hear your proof, I wouldn’t be asking.

Thank you.I am glad you actually want to hear what I have to say.
let me give you a list of examples.

Surely you see that the fact that we don’t yet know the origin of the Universe isn’t proof of your god, though.

1.who created the first did things get started3.Who is helping us?
know what the answer is……….God

1. We don’t yet have the data to determine what the origin of the Universe was. 2. See question one. 3. Nobody, though sometimes we help one another.

because God created it.

Can you prove that?

I just did.

No you didn’t. You asked me some questions which I answered, then declared that your god exists.

no you provided fake answers

In what way do you believe my answers were false?

because no evidense supports your answers but I have evidence that supports mine.

Sure, my answers are evidenced. Do you want me to prove that we haven’t yet determined the origin of the Universe?

I am not trying to argue to the point with you.All I am say is that think about what I have said.
It has been nice meeting you sir.

I *have* thought about it. You’ve provided no evidence, just asked some questions and then declared your god to exist.

I wish you luck in your journey and merry christmas.
fare well sir

XD And good luck convincing anybody that “Who created the Universe?” is proof that the Christian god did.

I have prooved it to you.And I will to others.
good bye sir.

You’ve proved nothing. All you’ve done is made claims and then failed to substantiate them.

ah that is you who have failed.
now can we please stop talking I am hungry.
It was nice meeting you.

Not in the least; I’ve defended all of my positions with reason and evidence.
Hey, if you want to go, go. Goodbye.

think about what i said.

No amount of thinking will make proof materialize out of thin air.

it already has

No, it hasn’t. I’ve asked for proof, and all you’ve given me is, “Who created everything?”, a question which I’ve answered repeatedly.

no you have not
now good bye

Of course I have. The fact, however much you may not want to accept it, is that we just don’t have the relevant data yet.
Bye. : )

just say goodbye man

I’ve said goodbye about five times so far.

with any comment
i mean without any comment
good but
i mean

I’m entitled to make a comment if I choose. If you want to go, just go without trying to slip in the last word.

good bye
good bye
remember what i said

It’s not as if I haven’t heard it before; it’s the same thing all religious zealots say, in essence.

remember this conversation good bye
haha real funny now God bless you and good bye

Honestly, I’ll probably forget it after a few weeks; it’s not like it’s the first argument I’ve had over religion.

to bad bye
hopefully you will come to Jesus one day

And hopefully one day you will come to the realization that we need evidence to justify belief.
Bye! : D

you have convinced me to something

That “Who created everything?” isn’t proof that the Christian god exists?

you convinced i need to help more people.
good bye

Hopefully one of the people you try to “help” will be able to successfully set you straight.




7 responses

  1. Ha…..that was pretty good

    December 25, 2010 at 12:48 pm

  2. noname

    I can’t stop laughing 😀

    December 25, 2010 at 5:56 pm

  3. Jake

    He is so ignert.

    (see what i did there?)

    December 28, 2010 at 12:07 pm

  4. Anon

    I need moar of these.

    January 15, 2011 at 12:41 am

    • I just haven’t had any conversations that deserve posting in their entirety, lately.

      January 15, 2011 at 1:10 am

  5. anonymous

    Where can i get some good arguments besides yahoo? (too lazy to download)

    January 15, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    • God (Jk Jk I'm real)

      Facebook pages: teen Jesus freaks, etc

      January 26, 2011 at 7:32 pm

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