Conversations with the enlightened.

God is real because God is real because God

Jesus was son of god, he died for your and my sins. GOD HIMSELF died for you and me!

Got any proof of that?

Yes. The Bible
And His Holy Spirit lives in each one of us. Living proof because the Holy Spirit speaks to us

In what way do you believe the Bible proves anything?

It proves everything! In every way!
Everyone needs Jesus!

In what way does it prove anything? Please try to be specific.

Jesus is alive.
Specific? There is no specific. The Bible proves everything in eevery way possible!

So the Bible proves that your god doesn’t exist?

No. It proves He DOES exist!

You said that the Bible proves everything, though. That would mean that it proves your god’s nonexistence as well as his existence.

It proves everything that is in it, dummy.
A god can’t be existent and nonexistent. You’re contradicting yourself in the same sentence

I know it’s contradictory, but I’m not the one claiming the Bible proves everything; you are.

Just read it

I have read it.

You know what I mean

No, not really. “It proves everything in every way possible” sounds like nonsense to me.

Just ehatever. Believe what you want. You won’t get into Heaven. And you will burn in Hell eternally if you don’t change

Do you have any proof that that’s true?

Yes. God himself who speaks to me

And in what way does the fact that you believe a god speaks to you prove that that’s true?

He isn’t ‘A’ god, He is ‘THE ONLY GOD’!

Yes, but there are about a thousand ‘THE ONLY GOD’s.

In different religions. But they are all false
Christianity is the only true religion with the ONLY TRUE GOD!

Got any proof of that?

Proof of what?

That Christianity is the only true religion with the ONLY TRUE GOD.

Because it is. Says so in the Bible

And what makes you think that the fact that something’s written in the Bible means that it must be true?

Because the Bible is the manual on how to live our lives!

So anything that’s written in a manual for living one’s life must be true.

The Bible is the ONLY manuel

No; there are many other books offering advice on life.

Like I said, none of them are true

Can you prove that?

God can through me, but youw on’t listen

I’m listening; you’re just talking nonsense.

So bye. I’m done talking to you

Bye-bye. : )

I’m talking truth, not nonsense.

Then why can’t you offer any proof other than “It’s written in a book which is true because it’s true!”?

I am offering proof…GOD HIMSELF!

Can you prove that your god exists?



Please what?

Go ahead and furnish your proof.

No. No use talking to someone who won’t believe it

If you had proof, I’d certainly believe it.

No you won’t…stop lying

Sure I will. Don’t blame your inability to present proof of your claims on me.

It’s not inability. It’s your inabililty to ask GOD to prove it to you Himself.

X) So you have proof, but you can’t show it to me until I lodge a request with your god.

No, God has the proof if you ask Him

And why can’t you present the proof you supposedly possess, again?

I can’t PHYSICALLY show you proof, but I can tell you. And God can SHOW it to you


He won’t do it if you test him like that. God doesn’t like you testing him. It’s one of his most Deadly Sins

X) Well, that’s what data is for– testing assertions.

But if you test him within a certain time limit, He can’t and won’t reveal anything to you

Why not? If he’s omnipotent it shouldn’t be any trouble.

He is omnipotent, but He spews you out of His mouth for that

What, for making a reasonable and civil request? If he’s so damn bent on having me believe in him, surely he’d be more than willing to provide a little evidence.

How is it reasonable if it’;s within 60 seconds? Are you crazy?

For an omnipotent being, 60 seconds should be no problem.

Whatever. I’m done. Just think about what I’ve told you. And then talk to God
Don;t say anything back

If there were any truth to your claims, you would have been able to provide proof for them. Goodbye!

I can through God

No you can’t; you’ve already demonstrated your inability to do that.

Have not.

I thought you were done.


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