Conversations with the enlightened.

Chalking it up


Got any proof?

yes the bible

In what way is the Bible proof that Jesus was the son of a god?

because it is gods word

How do you know that it’s a god’s word?



you are dum i wont see you in heaven i guess

You still haven’t shown me any proof that your claims are true.

the flood
the bibile says it hapend

Yup, the Bible does say that.

and a lot of other things that are true are in the bible
like that jesus was the son of god

So what you’re saying is that because some of the things in the Bible are true, that means everything in the Bible must be true?

first off yes they are second how do these people know the stuff to wirte it down god told them about it to show people hes real jesus was the son of god but your brain just doesnt want to think its true

Well, you must believe Hogwarts exists, then.


Some of the things in the Harry Potter books are true, therefore you must believe that everything in them is true.

what you arent geting its all true

I know you think that it’s all true, but you haven’t shown me any proof that it’s all true.

read the bible i am going to tell you to read john just do it then read revelations

I have read the Bible.

well read it again and think about whats its saying then go to a church and ask the pastor about it

And what do you believe that would accomplish?

it would open you eyes

My eyes are open. I’m asking you to present proof that your beliefs are true, and you aren’t doing it.

one thing i know i am tired of trying to get you to see whats true i will be going to heavon
i am sorry i need you to go to heavon lets get the bible i will tell you somethings
first let me say when you look up at the sky and you see all the stars can you say gods not real i cant why because that all just didnt h

Sure, I can look at the stars and say that god’s not real.

happen god creted it all he saw how we needed a person to show us he sent his only son
john 3:16 for god so loved the world he gave his only son so that who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life

I’m familiar with John 3:16. It’s one of the most quoted passages from the Bible.

its telling you right god sent his son

Yup, that’s what it says. No reason to think that it’s true, though.

man right now the devil is hardening your heart so you wont get saved

I’m asking you to provide proof that your claims are true. If you can’t provide that proof, that’s your fault, not the devil’s.

a have a book for you to read it can give you tones of proof is caled 23 minutes in hell

And does it include proof that’s tangible and verifiable, or is it just a story about someone who thinks he had a vision of Hell?

provides proof after you read it your life will be changed

All right; what proof does it contain?

all the things it will take for you to see that gods real and his son is

Can you give me an example of the proof this book presents?

like what god does the reason you should be saved and that jesus spoke to this guy and said he is coming back very very soon

So… what sort of proof does this book contain?

that jesus is real he speakers to people
things jesus did walked on water turned water to wine healed people
he did everyhting in the name of the lord

So you’re saying that this book contains proof that Jesus walked on water.

god gave power to moses to part the sea so gods people can be safe

I’m familiar with the story.

gods talked to people got creat the earth in 6 days

Can you prove that any of these stories are true?

yes the bible says it and there proof that the thing shappend just liek the flood
people that dont belive in god say that the earth was covered in water at one point
da it was the flood things just dont happen

Why should “the Bible says it” be proof that something’s true? And there’s no evidence that the surface of the Earth was ever entirely submerged by water, by the way.

i am geting to that just listen
evidence how are fossils made and why are fossile found on the talest mountain

Fossils are formed when minerals surrounding an organic structure seep into and eventually replace that structure– replacing the material, but preserving an impression of its shape.

fossils are made by rapid buriel something has to burry them so fast thats how they are made

Fossils are found on mountains because plants and animals sometimes die on mountains.

not the talest one

Why not?  There’s microbial life on Everest.  Also, fossils were probably embedded in the Earth’s crust long before that piece of the crust was pushed up to such an altitude that it became less inhabitable.

why because when the flood happend the water covered even the talest mountain thats why people find fish fossils up that high

There’s no particular reason to think that that happened.  Tectonic movement accounts for marine fossils found in elevated areas.

second geting to the good part how olds the earth

About 4.5 billion years.

people where drilling and after the many 1000s of feet or 100s of feet they found tree stumps down that far how did they get down there

I’d have to know more specifics about the instance.

they dated the rocks around the trees 6 million years old and the trees 3 million years old how does something young then that get into s
how does the trees that are 3 million years old get into something 6 million years old

Possibly due to tectonic activity or sedimentation, though I’d have to know more specifics about the instance.

how because the worlds on 6 thousand years old how did that happen the flood thats how trees are down there and fossils

Can you prove that?

what did noah take on the ark and how where all the aniamls not fighting
yes yes yes

Cool; let’s see the proof, then.

how could the world be 6 million years old
and not have a record anywhere that its that old

The age of the Earth is not six million years.

why because its made up people like you belive whatever they hear and think its true
i am useing it as a example

XD Speak for yourself. I can buttress any of my claims with evidence.

a guy makes one thing up you all belive we came from nothing

I don’t believe that we came from nothing.

ok i will ask you how is the world how many years it is

As I said a minute ago, the Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old.

how is it if starts dont last that long how does the earth last that long
or the sun or moon

How does the Earth last that long? Well… it’s a big ball of rock floating through space. No particular reason it shouldn’t “last.”

i am done trying to get you to see i tried lets hope the lord opens your eyes

XD You did not provide one scrap of evidence.

lol i provide enough for a blind person to get saved

“A fossilized tree was found adjacent to older rock!” is not proof that the Christian god exists.

have fun knowing that you wont go to heavon becasue you just shot down the only chance for you to get saved

XD So you mock people whom you believe are going to be tortured for eternity? How compassionate.

i do not

Oh yeah? Then what am I meant to take from “have fun knowing that you wont go to heavon”?

i am saying i tried to save your life you just dont care

I do care; it’s just that you haven’t provided any proof that your claims are true.

well its like your happy you know you wont go to heavon becasue you dont belive in jesus you dont want him as your savior and you dont go
i would am going to tell you take 1 hour out of your day go to a church and talk with thepastor a christian

Sure, I won’t go to Heaven, but neither will you. And, yeah, I’m okay with that.

wait how wont i

Because your beliefs are false. There is no Heaven.

so you say we all just go to hell

No; there’s no Hell either, thankfully.

wow you are all messes up so where do we go

There’s no reason to believe that our personalities “go” anywhere.

so we are ghosts

No, I don’t believe that we turn into ghosts. What I’m saying is that there’s no reason to believe that anything comes after death, for the dead individual.

so your bron again

There’s no reason to think that, after death, people go to an afterlife, become ghosts, are reincarnated, or anything.

so the nothing just poooooof


wow i am sorry for you buddy i will pray for you
i tired everything this talk is for someone else
have a nice night i will be praying for you whats your name

No need to pray; just present me with some proof if you ever find it.

tell me your name so i can pray for you

If your god’s omniscient, he’ll know whom you’re referring to.

he does know just wanted to know your name
you make your on chose to think god isnt real when he is he give you so many chances

Belief isn’t really a choice in that sense. Can you just choose to believe in unicorns?


Okay. Believe in unicorns, then.

you ar e just dum nice talking with you hope you see one day what i am saying is all tru i will b praying for you

X) So you acknowledge that belief is not simply a choice.

it is a choise and i am making the right one beliveing in god

If belief is a choice, then believe in unicorns.

ok i got it
proof i am glad i remembered this

Some proof? Excellent!

ok so true story there is this teacher who teachs of course well he was just like you
at one point in this class they had so many christians but then it died down
this teacher would ask everytime he had a class if anyone here belives in god to rasie there hand nobody didnt
did then he said if i drop this chalk and it doesnt brake god is real if it does he isnt
everytime it would brake
until one day he asked if anyone if this room belived in god to raise there hand one did
he said to the person if gods real the chalk wont brake if i drop it if he isnt it will brake
when he drop it slipt out of his hand rolled down his pants and did not brake the teacher left the room and stoped teaching

Okay. So, when are you getting to the proof?

you didnt just hear what i said
it didnt brake someone was a christian and god showed the teacher he is real

So your “proof” of the Christian god’s existence is an obviously untrue story from a chain email about a guy who dropped some chalk and it didn’t break.

another thing of profe
how about another true proof better then that one

these happend on a hill
his guy was a christian worshiped god
one day theses people that belived in a idol said to this guy
if your gods real proof it just like you and so they went to a mountain
each built a fire pit and made it so it was ready to be put on fire
they guy said proof that your gods real if we worshipe are god the idol and this pit gets lit on fire then the idol is real
they tried time after time after time nothing happend
then this one guy that belived in god started to worshipe and then fire came down from the sky and lit his pit on fire
and the people who belived in the idol all started to worship god
not a stoy true fact just like the other one

Can you prove that it actually occurred?

yes it is write down in scrolls

And you think that it’s written on a scroll proves that it’s true?

its also writen in the bible
i am done here tired have a goodngith

good night

So your proof that it’s true is that it’s written down.

as i said i am down here i have tried for a hour

You haven’t tried very hard. All you’ve given me are unproven stories. If I said “God isn’t real because once someone dropped some chalk and it didn’t break,” would that convince you that your god was not real?

you didnt say the story right
good night


One response

  1. Emilee

    If the christians you speak to would just use punctuation and appropriate grammar I would have a little bit more respect for them.

    January 12, 2011 at 9:53 pm

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