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Are you now or have you ever been an evolutionist?

jesus is lord but the world has turned away

No he isn’t.


X) And what makes you think I’m lying?

im a christian so i no best of all jesus saves the evidance is all around us

Can you give me an example of that evidence?

yes if u believe in evolution u are rong ’cause even if somehow WE evolved how did earth get here besides God?

The Earth was formed by nebular matter drawn together by gravity. Principally, anyway.


Exactly what?

well how did cells get here in the 1st place without a higher being puting them there?

One theory I find quite plausible is that the progenitors of true cells were formed through the combination of spontaneously-arisen self-replicators and microscopic lipid bubbles. These bubbles would have provided the cellular membrane, allowing for the development of the characteristics by which we know cells today.

well how did THAT get here or us or trees or oxygen get here without a higher being putting them here?

In order:
The type of self-replicating molecule that might have served as the progenitor to DNA can be assembled by electromagnetic discharge.
Lipids in water naturally tend form bubbles.  The more you agitate the water, the smaller the bubbles become.  I can’t remember exactly why, off the top of my head.  You might want to ask a physicist on that one.
Trees evolved from ancestral forms of plant.
And most of Earth’s oxygen has been released from compounds by photosynthesis.

how could anything be here at all without God if u feel down deep u will find an unquenching thirst that is the need 4 salvation

Sorry, I don’t feel an unquenching(?) thirst for salvation.  At least not the Christian idea of salvation.

1 of these days u will notice it maybe wen u die ull see the truth

That’s nice. So, where’s all that evidence you mentioned?


Can you give me an example?

were starting the whole argument over just go 2 private chat an scroll up

But you didn’t give me any evidence. You just asked where cells came from, and I answered.

the evidence is that no 1 or no thing cud b here an i learned that the probability of evolution is 55 2 the 1,000,000 power in other words improbable

A probability can’t just be a number; it has to be a ratio.

it is a ratio, 55 2 the 1,000,000 power

At any rate, what calculations led you to that “ratio”?

scientific research

What research was that?

well im no scientist but i calculated the chance of a car lot going through a tornado and making it all into 1 car and that chance is even with the chance of evolution

So you performed scientific research on a bad analogy involving a tornado going through a junkyard?

yor fate is in yor hands

Yup. So, how did you come up with the figure of 55 to the one millionth power?

actually a pastor did the research and i chacked it

What journal was this research published in?

i dont think it was i think it was his own calculations

How do you know that his conclusions were accurate?


X) Gonna go try to dig up some evidence?

(Three minutes pass.)

ya ill dig u up in hell cus u wont believe an ull b evidence enough 4 all evo-lutionists

You are aware that there are copious amounts of evidence for evolution, right? And you are aware that most evolutionists are religious, right?

theire are not

Well, sure there are. Would you like me to show you some of the evidence?

if u can communist =(

XD “Communist”?

yes communism starts with evolution, people 4get Christ, then no liberty, then….. russia and cuba

XD No, communism starts with the destruction of the bourgeois class’s economic stranglehold over the proletariat.  Or that’s how it would begin if it happened.

fyi our country was founded as a christian nation

Communism developed before evolution was understood, by the way.  The Communist Manifesto was published about a decade before The Origin of Species.

i no but i mean in modern days

You do realize that communism is an economic and political theory and that evolution is biology, right?  They’re about as connected as federalism and plate tectonics.  Where, in your mind, is the link between the two?

communism and evolutionism are both lies by satan
if people believe there is no God, there is no reason to live, they are easier to control
so communism takes over
evolutionism is fantasy God is all things, He created us

If evolution is untrue, how do you explain the fact that organs with identifical functions often have radically different structures?

God is my final awnser

If evolution is untrue, how do you explain the fact that organs with identifical functions found in animals of different classes often have radically different structures? It makes perfect sense if you take it that evolutionary forces refined different structures belonging to separate species to fit the same need. Tell me, does creationism account for this observation in any way, given that it believes that all structures were created as-is rather than by being derived from pre-existing structures?

it is religion there is no scientific evidence call a scientist ok?

So you admit there’s no evidence that your beliefs are true.

NO im saying Christianity is prooved but Charles D arwin was stupid

If your claims are proven and mine are unproven, how is it that I have offered proof and you have not?

how old ARE u u


i did provide proof, look out yor window and see that there is more than meets nthe eye

So your proof is “Look out the window.”

bye God bless u


Let me take the speck out of your eye, pt. II

(Another conversation with this guy.)


Oh, hi. How’s it going?

I don;t understand how someone can have absolutely NO RESPECT for anyone else

Me? Oh, I’m doing well; thanks for asking.

You are a waste of air…go play in traffic

I would, but I’d hate to deprive you of someone to scream at.

no u wouldnt because u have nothing better to do…that’s what makes ur existance useless
you need to have your teeth kicked in a couple times
but since u r a minor I’m guessin it’s gonna have to wait but I guarantee u if u don’t change ur ways it’s going to happen

XD Wait, wait– I thought you had deduced with your keen insight that I was an adult with no job, car, etc.

Don’t try to match wits with me you’re unaramed


fck u
And I’m HOPING you are a minor because if you are over 18 and act like this….there is no hope
Even if you were to go suck dik on the street corner you would STILL be more productive than you are now
but if u did that what would your mother do with her time?
maybe thats why u are so angry you found out your mom was having these anal orgies?

XD Excuse me?

you heard me

I have to admit, that was genuinely pretty funny.

i think thats whats wrong
your mom had anal orgies and moaned in lust as she was rectally raped
by hitler

…Wow. XD I think /b/ could make good use of a man like you.

I just called your mother an anal slut and u dont even defend her

It’s a little difficult to take seriously.

either because u know its true or u just dont care
well it is true ur mother is a bit of a slut
thats why ur dad left
a broken little boy from a broken home desperately seeking attention no matter what u must do to get it
if u must come online and telling people how much u despise god
just hoping, begging SOMEONE to please show u some attention

XD I’m not the one who’s been screaming bizarre sexual insults at a stranger for the past twenty minutes.

u come and spew hate on a website….that’s the epitomy of LOSER

What have I said that’s hateful?

basically everything that has come from u on chat has been u fkin idiot

Whereas you’ve been even-tempered and mild-mannered by comparison.

the MAIN difference is I voice my opinion to you in private to an adult in response to what you said…you put your shyt where children can read it cuz ur a disrespectful faggot b
its true there is little kids that have to read your crap and u dont care thus the disrespect to anyone
and u will get the FUK beat out of u in due time if u ever actually leave ur mother’s house
there’s a thing called karma and I know it will smack u in the teeth soon enough

Yes, yes. I will surely be punished for the terrible, hideous crime of disavowing Jesus.

no ur right every 12 year old kid needs to get online and read jesus isnt real jesus is dead
u disrespect everyone when you say that you fkin a$$hole
grow the fk up
or get off the internet

X) And who will you screech with rage at when I’m gone?

I wont need to screech at anyone for the cause will be gone

I somehow doubt that.

you would have to take up a new hobby or my god even worse….like get a job or something WOW!
I’m sure with all your infinite wisdom and intellect McDonald’s has to hire ya!!
and I’m sure you’ll have a fulfilling career as fry guy
well I guess some of us set the bar higher than others and some of us don;t mind be the bottom rung
obviously nothing you do comes with any shame thats what I find to be so baffling

I’m not ashamed of most of the things I do, no.

but peple like me need people like you to remind us how much beter our lives are looking down instead of up

*people *better

u think ur fkin smart?
without a job or a meaning in life…you have no self-worth

XD Ah, there’s that keen psychological insight again.

it’s true. You don;t mind being poor that a sub-standard life is reaching your plateau

Well, it is true that I don’t think that being poor is something to scorn. Under the present system, whether one ends up impoverished or wealthy has more to do with the circumstances of one’s birth than with one’s character. I don’t think that the life of a proletarian need be substandard in any meaningful way, though. You can reach self-actualization without owning a big-screen TV.

well congratulations sir you have continued the family’s legacy of failure
proletarian is a fancy way of saying BUM

XD Really? And there I was thinking that it referred to someone who worked rather than profiting from the labor of others.

then maybe u should read the dictionary

b.The poorest class of working people.
congratulations then you are a step above welfare
I’m sure your parents are proud of the failure you have become

“Bum” usually carries the connotation of someone who does not work.

It reflects that you are either too stupid to further your career, or too lazy
you weren’t given the tools to become anything than a bottom feeder
therefore the choice for you is either intelligence or laziness

Oh, but of course. Hardworking people become millionaires and only the lazy and stupid remain poor. How could I have forgotten?

you chose the path of least resistance
therefore the illustruous career of burger flipper

Wait, I thought you said that I was unemployed.

according to you… are just not gainfully
remember I upgraded you from welfare bum to just regular bum
and everyone knows nothing says chick magnet like minimum wage…I bet the ladies come a runnin’
again I feel fortunate for people like you to remind me how superior I can be

XD Yes, you’re really a specimen of humanity at its finest.

I Am clearly superior to you in life in so many ways

And your superiority is so strongly evidenced by the fact that you feel the compulsion to go on about it continuously.

well its not everyday you run into someone that is this inferior
in fact anytime I think that things are bad and life might suck I’ll go back to this conversation ….
and cheer myself up by saying hey….you could be THAT guy!
yes I’m sure having financial stability and a sense of accomplishment will do wonders for your esteem
when you’re digging for potatoe chips out of the sofa so you can have dinner you think of me
when you can’t pay the light bill think of me
when your 1982 Nova won’t start and you have somewehre you need to be…..think of me

And think, “Well, at least I’m not a person who spends hours screaming in a frenzy at strangers about how great they are.”

I’m hardly screaming in fact I’ve enjoyed this immensly
you reminded me what life COULD be opposed to what it really is
thank u for this u made my day : D
and at minimum wage I’m sure good conversaton is hard to come by
well being a bottom of the barell employee “proletariat” it’s hard to beleive you make more than minimum since that is the basic definitio

*immensely *conversation *barrel *proletarian *believe *definition

shut up faggot
ur intellect is inferior, u have no self-worth

you are financially broke just don’t have the pride to improve upon that
you are comfortable with mediocrity

I’m broke, too? Oh, that sucks.

yep that’s what you said
you’re not donald Trump that’s for sure

Yes, if only I could be Donald Trump. He’s so admirable in every way.

you might wanna set your goals for Donald Duck
now I have to go get on with my own life
piece of shit
see you later loser


r u circumsized?

jesus’ blessings are upon us, each nd every day to those who believe
are u among the saved?

I’m not a Christian, if that’s what you’re trying to ask.

u reject the holy spirit

I reject the hell out of the Holy Spirit!

u wish u didnt when u buring in hell

Hell isn’t real. Sorry if you’re disappointed.

will see

Indeed we will.

i wont feel sry for u when u find out what really real

XD So you have no sympathy for people who are being tortured for eternity? You’re so compassionate and Christlike.

u have a choice and ur choiceing to burn not my fault

Firstly, “choiceing” is not even close to being a real word. Secondly, I’m not choosing to burn. I’m choosing to reject superstition. There’s no reason to think that the consequence of rejecting superstition should be torture, so therefore I’m not choosing torture.

yep choosing what i ment

Why would you worship a god who rewards people for irrationality and tortures people for using reason, anyway?

frist god doent toture people u need to get ur facts straight before u say shit u dont no anything
u need to read up on some stuff

Your god is omnipotent, meaning he is capable of stopping the torture going on in Hell if he so chooses. If there is torture in Hell, it is because god okays it.

its ur choice to to go to hell and it was satans choice to go against god blame him

None of this explains how it’s just to torture people for eternity for using logic.

have u every read the bible in a modern version
and look and the acrchological fact linked to the bible

What “acrchological fact” do you believe proves that the Christian god exists?

indulge me see what u dig up and get back to me
they have proof of the great flood. tombs of people of the bible and mush more

What proof is there that enough water ever existed on Earth to cover the planet’s entire surface beyond the altitude of the tallest mountain?

look it up : ) histry channel did a hole show on ot : )

XD Ah, yes. The History Channel is a veritable fount of creationist nonsense lately. So, do you have any proof yourself, or…?

what the alian stuff lol keep looking

Do you have any proof of your claims? “look it up : )” is not actually proof, by the way.

since i have u here before u give up on this seek the information out for ur self

So you don’t have any proof, then.

u must do ur own searching

It’s not my responsibility to furnish you with proof for your own claims.

i have lots of poof i have exp it and u can to just ask

I have asked, repeatedly.

dont ask me
ask god it will come in one form or another u just have to open ur eyes to see it

So you don’t have proof, then.

s it proof enough to you that i would want you to not miss out and the greatest thing in life and i have no idea who u are
on * the greatest lol

No; that’s proof that you say you believe something, not that your apparent belief is actually true.

y take the chance in not believe and either when u die nothing happenes orr u burn for ever

Ah, Pascal’s Wager, huh? That never gets old.

when u can believe and go to a wonderful place forever

A bribe is not justification for belief. I might as well say, “I’ll give you a million dollars if you believe that 1+1=5.” Does that mean that 1+1=5? No, of course not.

its not a bribe looking at it more logicly

Yes, it is. It’s a bribe (Heaven) and a threat (Hell). It’s shoddy logic, and utterly ridiculous if you think about it for a second. Evidence proves the truth of a claim. “Something bad might happen to you if you disbelieve!” does not prove the truth of a claim.

sry u have such a bleak out look on life have a nice day just do this for me

XD “Bleak”? I’m not the one who thinks that the majority of humankind is doomed to eternal torture for no good reason.

… keep ur eyes open and u be surprised what u may learn
and i want to apoligize for my language

Oh, don’t be patronizing. My eyes are open. I’m glad to assess any evidence that comes before me. It just happens that there is no evidence to substantiate your claims. Believing things that have no evidence backing them up isn’t being openminded, it’s being dumb.

if all u want is evidense ask god he will give it to and u must mot look very hard its all around you

If there’s evidence all around me, why is it that you can’t point to even a single example of it?

u have seem to allready made ur choice it not up to me to prove it to you but to help point the way

XD So it’s not up to you to provide justification for your own claims?

if u look u will find them

Except I have looked, and I haven’t found them because they’re not there. And if there are so many examples of evidence, why can’t you tell me what any of them are?

try reading the bible

I have read the Bible.

all of it?


which one


so havent read the whole bible in modern language
but the fact that u have read it is great start and that god has choosen you abd is ask ing to be one of hiss
but its your choice to accapt

What relevance does the fact that I read a version in Elizabethan rather than contemporary English have?

the bible says many are chosen but few accept
and u really understood what u where reading try reading a modern version

Sure, I understood what I was reading. I just didn’t believe that it was true, because there’s no evidence that it’s true. Reading a different translation won’t change that.

well uve made ur choice i wish u the best

Doesn’t it bother you that there’s no evidence that your beliefs are accurate to reality?

may i ask how orl u are?

23. You?

and i have tons of personal evidence

Can you give me even a single example of this evidence?

ive seen angels and demonds ive been at the brink of death and save by an angel
ive been teleporperted form one town to another

And how do you know that these things actually happened and weren’t just hallucinations?

well if never touched drugs lol and i was very aware when these event happened

Drug usage isn’t the only thing that causes hallucination.

i experience the reality of god every day

So, how do you know that those experiences weren’t hallucinations?

who do u no they werent??

Unless you can produce some supplementary evidence, hallucination is a far more parsimonious explanation for what you’ve described than the intervention of a supernatural spirit.

and y whould i make stuff like that up im trying to help u not lie and leed u down the rong path

I’m not claiming that you’re lying, just that you’re almost certainly mistaken in your conclusions.

so do u believe in ghosts


u belive in spirts


u said intervention of supernatural spirits
y infer that thats what happened to me if u dont belive in spirits

I don’t believe that’s what happened to you. I said that hallucination was a more parsimonious explanation than that.

ok so what exaticly do u believe?

About what?

religious beliefs

I believe that they’re incorrect and more harmful than beneficial.

im not tlking about me im tlking about what do you believe in

I’m not an adherent of any religion.

so ur an agnostic

According to some definitions of the word, though it’s not a word I use to self-describe; it would be misleading.

what do u beleive is harmful

Promotion of sectarianism, promotion of authoritarianism, anti-scientific thought, encouraging people to waste their Earthly lives on crap in order to secure nonexistent rewards in the afterlife, etc.

the bible is the mot scientific book out there

No, it isn’t. It’s a book of myths. If it were “the most scientific book,” it would provide ways of verifying and confirming its claims. And it would promote evidentiary reasoning. It is, rather, explicitly against evidentiary reasoning.

when u need him remember this conversation and remember he will allway be there of you even if u dont believe
for *you insted of of lol

Plenty of people who are atheists live long and fulfilling lives without ever reaching for the religious crutch. What makes you think I will?

if you r truling happy being the way u r all is well have a great life

“All is well”? But you believe that I’m going to be tortured for eternity! How can you be indifferent to someone being tortured? Jesus Christ, dude. XD

im trying to help you
ur choice to accept it

To accept something which there’s no reason whatsoever to believe is true?

my hart goes out to you man and i will pray for for god to revele himself to you

Doesn’t it bother you that there’s no evidence for the truth of your beliefs?

i have loads of evidence

Then why haven’t you shown me any of it?

u r allready closed to the idea and choose not to listen i hope u see the light on day

XD I *am* listening. I’ve asked over and over and over that you show me evidence. If saying “Please show me your evidence” and then giving you the floor isn’t listening, then what is?

i have given i evidence y dont u try tlking to some one that has exp it before they hill help there only so much i can do over the internet

You have given me no evidence. “I saw an angel once!” isn’t evidence of your god any more than “I saw a ghost once!” is evidence of ghosts.

do u have freind that are believers?

Some of my friends are theists, or at least faintly sympathetic to theism.

i ment do u have a freinds that are christian

Mm… sort of. The Christians I hang out with tend to be of the vague, Unitarian variety, so they only kind of count.

the great flood proven real , when the sun stood still in the sky has been proven real
since u have read the bible i no of these accounts look them up

Okey-dokey. Please provide that proof you’ve just mentioned.

and ask that freind to share personal exp of god with you
research it

I have researched it. So, can you show me that proof you mentioned?

ok if u have reserched it tell me what u found?

I found plenty of evidence that the Great Flood did not occur and that the Earth has never stopped orbiting as apparently described in the Bible.

can u proof thst it didnt happen

Sure. Can you prove that it did happen?

ok prove it to me

I take it you can’t prove that it happened, then.

i take it u cant prove it didnt

I’m providing my proof right now. You, on the other hand, continue to provide no proof.
Anyway– there’s far too little water on Earth to cover the Earth’s surface to beyond the altitude of the highest mountain.

how an i proving it? i see no evidence

That bit up there is part of the evidence I’m laying out. The last thing I typed. Please read it.

so ur prove is ur logic thinking is that what u r saying?

And then, of course, there’s the fact that there are unbroken historical records throughout the supposed time of the flood (assuming you’re a young-Earther).
…What do you mean by “ur logic thinking”?

ur saying in ur mind logicly that could happen … that ur proof?

My proof? My proof is that, if you look at a photograph of the Earth, you can see that there’s just enough water on Earth’s surface to fill the Earth’s oceans, lakes, ice caps, clouds, etc. There isn’t a huge tank holding the excess water from the Flood or anything like that. If you believe that that much water is still present inside Earth’s water cycle, then why isn’t the Earth flooded on a regular basis?

u have no proof

What, do you want me to prove to you that the Earth isn’t constantly being flooded?  Do you want me to prove to you that massive quantities of matter don’t just appear and disappear?  What exactly are you disputing?

r u a profesional on the earth?
and u have yet to show me hard proof

Okay, one sec.
Okay. You see that?

wow u really did ur research

You see that that’s a photograph of the Earth, right?

yah i got but that hardly evidence

Now, you see that the blue bit is water, right?
read that


(Two minutes pass.)

I can rebut all of those claims if you’d like me to, but something tells me you probably linked me to that page without taking the time to read or understand them.

r u circumsized?

XD It’s considered impolite to ask that before the second date, where I come from.

im give u poof
r u circumsized?


well do no what day a circumsizion takes place after a baby is born?

Depends on the tradition and on circumstances. Some people are circumcised as adults.

when ther was no mdern tech way back when houses where out tranport
on the 8 th day do u no y


on the 8 day of birth the blood cloting facer is at a 110% and how do u think they new this 4000 years ago?

Can you prove that?

its in the bible

Can you prove that blood clots 110% faster than normal eight days after birth?

yes scientist have prooved it look up prothrombin lever in the bloob

So you can’t prove that, then.

Leviticus 12:3 and then scientisc prove that blood clot on the 8 th day

Okay; if science has found proof, then what is the proof? Just saying “Science proves it!” is not proof that something is true.

holn on
theres ur evidence

That doesn’t say that blood clots 110% faster than normal on the eight day after birth. It says that prothrombin levels are higher than 100% of normal around eight days after birth.

and if u take the time to look there are much much mre

And even if it did, it wouldn’t prove that the Christian god existed.

it says it right BOUVE THE GRAPH

“On the eighth day, the amount of prothrombin present actually is elevated above one-hundred percent of normal”

normal is 100 % and its elevated to 100% of normal

100% of normal would be normal. Regardless, that’s not what you said– this paper measures prothrombin levels, not the speed of blood clotting.

u abviousely dont want to see hard proof i put right in front of ur eyes there there for u to accept it i cant save you u can only save yo

XD The “hard proof”? You don’t even know what the paper says!

prothrombin is the blood cloting facter

Yes, prothrombin expedites blood clotting. That doesn’t mean that a 100% increase in prothrombin is going to speed up clotting by 100%.

i put the facts in front of you ur choise im going to bed have a good day and i will pray for you
good night

What you’re saying to me is this: “Ancient Jews knew that blood clots unusually fast on the eighth day after birth. Therefore the Christian god exists.” Does that sound like a credible argument to you?

read discover mag some time

XD Is it full of “proof” like yours?

yes god told them to do that how else would they no

It’s probable that they just noticed that blood clotted faster around the eighth day. The ancient Greeks possessed a wealth of scientific knowledge despite their relatively primitive technology. Does that make the Greek gods real?

and how do u say they measured that ??

Probably with their eyes. You know, by seeing how much bleeding there was.

yes because the eyes are very good unitsof measure

You’re suggesting that blood clots TWICE as fast on the eighth day, and yet that this dramatic increase in the speed of clotting would somehow have been invisible to the rabbis who performed this surgery on a regular basis?

google it spme time u be surprise what u will find

No, I won’t. I already fully expect the moronic apologetics pages I would find.

and rabbis believein god

Yes, rabbis are supposed to believe in a god.

bevieling is a choice

Not in the simple sense. You can’t just choose to believe that 1+1=5, can you?

u can chose to believe what ever u want

Choose to believe that 1+1=5, then.

id love to chat but i need sleep and i dont believe that 1=1 is 5 but i have proof that it isnt

But if you can choose to believe anything, you can choose to believe that 1+1=5.


So go ahead and believe that 1+1=5 for a minute.

i have proof its not so i shoce not to beleive that

But you can choose to believe it just for a minute, if belief is a choice as you say.

yes it is good night

So believe that 1+1=5.

if u can prove it to me

Why is proof relevant? After all, you can just decide what to believe, can’t you?

all u wanted was proof

Yup. Anyway, you asserted that one can simply choose to believe something. So, if that’s true, please believe that 1+1=5.

i will believe that 1+1 +5 for the night if u believe jesus is ur savior for one night

You’ve got yourself a deal. So, what is 1+1?

now u play ask jesus to come in to ur hart and we take this up tomorrow

Oh, sweet Lord Jesus, please be my saviour and wash away my sins! Thanks so much for dying on the cross for me! P.S.- What was up with that thing where you kissed Judas? That was a bit weird.

please help this man open his mind to u
help him to experience the joy and knowing to and being free

And which is your favourite movie: The Passion or The Last Temptation of Christ?

show him a sign let him no he is ur child and that u love him so that he would never have to suffer in hell
the passion

I wasn’t asking you; I was asking Jesus.

hope u great life

And is it true you were actually a white guy with blonde hair? Amen.

good night

And good luck.

The new pledge of allegiance

(I found this email in my inbox.  The sender’s address was unfamiliar.)

How is it that a 15 year old child can see what Adults are missing?


Pledge of Allegiance (TOTALLY AWESOME) !
the Pledge of Allegiance
The Lord’s Prayer
Are not allowed in most Public schools anymore
Because the word ‘God’ is mentioned….
A kid in Arizona
wrote this

NEW School prayer :
Now I sit me down in
Where praying is against the rule
For this great nation under God
Finds mention of Him very odd.
If Scripture now the
class recites,
It violates the Bill of Rights.
And anytime my head I bow
Becomes a Federal matter now.
Our hair can be purple,
orange or green,
That’s no offense; it’s a freedom scene.
The law is specific, the law is precise.
Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice.
For praying in a public
Might offend someone with no faith at all.
In silence alone we must meditate,
God’s name is prohibited by the state.
We’re allowed to cuss
and dress like freaks,
And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks..
They’ve outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible.
To quote the Good Book makes me liable.
We can elect a pregnant
Senior Queen,
And the ‘unwed daddy,’ our Senior King.
It’s ‘inappropriate’ to teach right from wrong,
We’re taught that such ‘judgments’ do not belong.
We can get our condoms
and birth controls,
Study witchcraft, vampires and totem poles.
But the Ten Commandments are not allowed,
No word of God must reach this crowd.
It’s scary here I must
When chaos reigns the school’s a mess.
So, Lord, this silent plea I make:
Should I be shot; My soul please take!
If you aren’t ashamed to
do this,
Please pass this on.
Jesus said,
‘If you are ashamed of me,
I will be ashamed of you before my Father.’

PLEASE PASS THIS ON IF UR NOT ASHAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I IMed the sender.)

Hi.  Do I know you?

: )

Then, if I may ask, why have you taken it upon yourself to email me?

ur goin to hell if u do not repent and ask forgivness of god

And which god would that be?

the one and only god

Yes, but there are about twenty thousand “one and only god”s. Which one’s yours?

jesus christ
the others are idols

How can you be so sure that, of the many gods people have believed in, yours is the one and only right one?

cause i am sure this is JESUS were talkin about

You’re sure because you’re sure? Wow, that’s airtight reasoning.

no because unlike u i got to church and i learn about god i read the*bible*and how do i know what ur sayin is right about him

I’ve read the Bible and been to church. I’m familiar with Christian mythology. I’ve just come to the conclusion that it’s a bunch of nonsense.

well somethin is wrong with ur church because my church teaches nothin like that u disrespctful little shyt

…I don’t have a church.

yah so stop talkin bout shyt u dont know about

XD Why do you email strangers about religion if you’re going to go berserk upon hearing your religion criticized? I mean, come on.

cause ur a athiest freak

Hey, at least I don’t center my life around superstition.

actually its not superstitions its religion get ur shyt straight dumfuck

Your religion is superstition. There’s no proof that any of its central claims are true.

not it isnt and there is proof i just dont think u deserve to know what they r

LOL. “There’s proof; I just don’t feel like showing it to you!” That’s great.

yah because even if i show it to u u still wont believe it

Sure I would. If you showed me proof that Christianity were valid, I’d become a believer on the spot.

ok well have u heard of the passover


well as we know 1.god commanded us to keep the passover
to it is the will of god to keep the passover

Okey-dokey. Got any proof that any of that is true?

and 3.only by eatin his flesh and drinkin his blood we may be able to enter the kingdom of heaven

Yup, some people believe that.

well do u have a bible

Yup. I keep it between my copy of the Qu’ran and the Mahabharata.

well can u get it please\


k so please go to verse exodus 12:10
please read to 12:10-14

And ye shall let nothing of it remain until the morning; and that which remaineth of it until the morning ye shall burn with fire. And thus shall ye eat it; with your loins girded, your shoes on your feet, and your staff in your hand; and ye shall eat it in haste: it is the LORD’s passover. For I will pass through the land of Egypt this night, and will smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am the LORD. And the blood shall be to you for a token upon the houses where ye are: and when I see the blood, I will pass over you, and the plague shall not be upon you to destroy you, when I smite the land of Egypt. And this day shall be unto you for a memorial; and ye shall keep it a feast to the LORD throughout your generations; ye shall keep it a feast by an ordinance for ever.
All right. Read it. What was that supposed to prove?

so as we see here according to the commands of LORD god jehovah the isrealites kept the passover and were released from egypt

According to the Bible, yup.

so please read :14 again please

What’s the point of all this meant to be?

so as u saw in :14 god has commanded the isrealites to keep this day (passover day) for generations to come& celebrate it as a festival to the lord alasting ordinance

According to the Bible, sure.

so what does alasting ordinance mean to u

What, you’re asking me to define those words?

yes what does alasting ordinance mean to u

Are you sure you don’t mean “a lasting ordinance”?

yes thats what i mean

“Lasting” means continuing for a great length of time. An ordinance is a rule or a decree.

amen so a lasting ordinance means a law or some thing that lasts forever

Sure. So what’s your point?

so if we see that this was writen in the old testement times shouldnt we also see this in the new testement times because god said keep this day for generations to come

What point are you attempting to make via all this?

that this passover should still be kept now days because clearly god commanded us to

According to the Bible, sure.

would u like to learn more or no

I asked you for evidence that your claims are true. I’d like you to provide that evidence.

amen and i am tryin to get there
did u know that we have a heavenly mother

I know that some people believe that.

would u like to learn about our heavenly mother???

I’d like to see your evidence that any of this crap is true.

u turn ur back on the LORD and he will turn his back on u!

Let me take the speck out of your eye.

“The Bible paints a picture of god as a callous, violent lunatic who feels entitled to constant displays of praise and admiration”


was that u

I said that, yes.

u fkin faggot
seriously ur such a useless shit bag go get hit by a truck

XD Feel better now?

seriously how fkin useless is ur life
get a job u useless shyt
ur a world class loser an absolute loser
just because your mom was a slut and ur dad is a drunk…break the cycle make something of urself
thats right! I dont have to know a thing about u to know EVERYTHING about u
ur mom was a trash whore and ur dad was an unemployed drunk

X) Wow… are you psychic?

u fit the profile no need to be psychic

Gosh. You must be an expert psychologist, then.

yep and I’d be willing to bet u live somewhere west like California
faggot paradise
no girlfriend no wife
probably still live at home, no car no driver’s license
just another welfare drawing drudge of society

One can’t be unemployed and a drudge at the same time.

pretty sad i can figure our your whole life story in 2 minutes isn’t it

Yours is a fiery and piercing insight.

with any luck the cycle of useless will end with u and u wont reproduce

And this reaction is all because I don’t love Jesus, or what?

you assault believers spewing your garbage
because ur life is so useless, meaningless, and unfulfilling u find the best think u can do is try to drag people down to u
since u dont have the tools or the intelligence to rise to us

Yes, if only I possessed your wit and eloquence.

you dont see me bashing jesus do ya? nope i have BETTER things to do with my life…you obviously dont

Indeed. You’re clearly a model of psychological stability and health.

i have a job
i have a wife
i accomplished more by the age of 20 than u will in 2 lifetimes
and ur just a cocky shitbag that quite frankly needs to have his teeth knocked down his throat and sent into a serious reality check
and so far u have YET to disagree with anything ive said so i must be 100% correct
it takes people like u to make me realize how much better my life really is

XD Yes, you’re obviously a very serene and balanced person.

of course i am

Who could disagree?

u cant

(Three minute pause.)

You’re not running out of steam already, are you?

well no point in beating it into the ground ur not smart enough to absorb what im saying

Yes, the concepts you’re expounding are just too complex and nuanced for me to comprehend.

appearntly they r


u may be able to read the al; the sentences but you can’t make out the paragraph

*read all the

actually it’s apparantly shit bag

don’t try to match me in wit and intelligence you can’t win

Appearntly not.

it was a typo moron


but anyway as fulfilling as it was talking to the lower rung on the ladder I’m going to go, you go back to being useless.

XD No need to get butthurt. Lots of people lack basic literacy skills.

shut ur mouth

I blame it on the state of our public education system.

i said shut your mouth you piece of shit
it was a typo
fk off
no one cares what an idiot like you has to say

have a great day though, I’m sure you have lots of “anti-jesus comments” to get back to


yes and you try not to fill up on too much of that government cheese! adios


jesus is the greatest man who ever lived… he has saved my life many times. have you accepted jesus?


what will you say when you meet him?

You can’t really “meet” a dead person, can you?

When you die….when we die….we’ll all stand right in front of him…..

Can you prove that?

what happens after that depends on how we spend our time here
and i cant…but he can…
read the bible bro….no harm in that

I have read the Bible, bro.

wether you belive or not…its good to be informed
i seriously doubt it….other wise you’d feel differently

X) Actually, if I hadn’t read the Bible I’d probably feel far more charitable toward Christianity.

charity isnt what christianity is about….and anyone preaching that should seriously re-evaluate what christ was really about
bottom line is he loves you man….no matter what….you should give him a fair chance

I am giving Christian belief a fair chance. I’ll gladly assess any evidence for Christian belief that is presented to me.

what about the faith that God asks of you

By “faith” do you mean belief without evidence?

not the gunhoe bible blasting door to door stuff…..but just a little….even if your confused or have unanswerd questions….have faith
that good will present you with the truth

No thanks. The foundation of rationality is to maintain beliefs that are proportional to the available evidence.

but the foundation of our society is based on christianity

Not really. And even if it were, it wouldn’t make Christianity somehow true. Saudi society is based on Islam, and that doesn’t make Islam true.

no……but the Koran is simply another interpretation of everything that christ stood for
and they base their society off its teachings

Unfortunately for them, yes.

whether we call him God, Buddah, or Allah god is still god…..

If you say so. I don’t recall Buddha ever burning people alive, though.

honestly i think at some point in your life something happened to you that shook your faith in God

What makes you think I had faith in a god to begin with?

thats true as well….maybe your parents raised you from birth teaching you that there was no God. is that the case?

Not really. My parents were more-or-less agnostic in how they raised me, which is really the best way to be.

ok…..but what impression overall did you get towards belief in God?

When I was very young, I looked at it as like belief in Santa. I kind of assumed that nobody else really believed, but that they were just playing along, tongue-in-cheek.  I was actually pretty shocked when it dawned on me that everyone around me really did believe it.

so did you belive in santa?

I don’t recall ever believing in Santa, though it’s possible that I did when I was an infant.

you do know “santa” is based on a factual person of history

Yes. However, when I say “Santa,” I’m speaking of the character as he’s popularly conceived.

now the act of giving gifts and all that is nonsense but he was an important man
the point i was going to make is St.Nick was real but what he stood for became distorted and miss used
Jesus christ was here as well…..and like many stories throughout time…the bible included…distortions and errors are made

Well, if you want to argue that the Biblical Jesus was probably based on a person who wasn’t actually a divine entity, I would agree.  The myth of Santa does provide an informative parallel to the myth of Jesus.

maybe it would be easy to say if there was one account from one person
but there are many many people from across the globe who have made written accounts of jesus and his miracles
many died for their publishing and belifs
would you die to protect your belief in santa?….i think not

Well, that means that all major religions must be true, then.

yes….in that there IS A HIGHER POWER
and that he expects things of us
how they differ all depends on translation in certain parts of the world

You’re seriously arguing that every belief that people have died defending must be fundamentally legitimate?

as I said if it were only a hand full of accounts I would not make that arguement….but when you have entire civilizations and races of people saying its true……how can you disprove their words…..
espesially if it historically recorded and accurate

I suppose that means that dragons, spontaneous generation, alien abduction, and so forth are all also real.

dragons maybe……..aliens…who knows…..but i doubt it…..but dragons and aliens arents spoken of as having souls or freewill

Say, how about Jews stealing Christian infants and murdering them?  There were many accounts of that happening back in the day, so it must be true.

either way…..what pleasure could you possibly get speaking blasphemas words about our god?

Well, it’s the truth. Speaking the truth is usually at least a little gratifying for me.

free will……its a gift that many abuse….and they will answer for thier sins

Including your god?

its not truth when you say God is ordinary
jesus never sined

I don’t believe I ever said your god was ordinary, just that he didn’t exist.
Do you believe that Jesus and your god are the same entity, or that they are discrete?

jesus was 100% man and 100% God… thats what i belive personally

If that were the case, then Jesus would certainly be a sinner, and a far worse one than most people.

how so?

Well, he’s killed thousands of people for stupid reasons and sent billions off to eternal torture.

whom did he kill?
and we choose whether or not to burn in hell

No, we choose whether or not to believe Christian nonsense. Choosing not to embrace superstition isn’t something that deserves torture.

the wages of sin is death…..and if you “dont belive…or shun god away then what else can you expect from eternity?

I certainly wouldn’t expect eternal torture just for not believing some Bronze Age gibberish.  That doesn’t come close to making sense to a healthy mind.

God doesnt ask that you belive them…just him

So far as god’s murdering people, here’s a good example: 1 Samuel 6:19-20. God kills over 50,000 people for looking into the Ark of the Covenant.

he specifically told them not too

So what?

the disobeyed God

So what?

so when your dad told you not to do something and you did it anyway didnt you get punished?

He didn’t murder or torture me.

i didnt say that… sure you werent sodimising anyone either
they mad sin a lifestyle
then ignored god
and chose their fate
i dare say that many today face the same situation

So you think it would be acceptable for my dad to murder me if he found out I weren’t heterosexual.

i didnt say that at all…..God did what he did b/c it was devine and just…..he revealed himself …presented and ultimative….and they chose to die
i never said you should be punished for your sexual preference
thats a totally different area…..

Ah, okay. So, in your view, if a tyrant murders someone for disobeying his command, those people “choose to die” and it’s essentially their fault.

God isnt a tyrant….God is just and merciful…not to mention the creator of mankind

He isn’t just and merciful. If he were just and merciful he wouldn’t have people tortured for eternity simply for not believing something that doesn’t make any sense, anyway.

not something….IN HIM
choosing drugs, adultry over him

He hasn’t provided sufficient evidence to justify belief in his existence. And even if he had, torturing someone for their beliefs is still wrong.

as i said they decided to have sin rather than christ

People are just as capable of living morally without Jebus as they are with him.

were not talking morals…were talking faith….faith in the creator…our father

Faith as in belief without evidence, which is irrational. Your god has people tortured for being rational.

God has never orderd anyone to be tortured

So you don’t believe in Hell, then?

punishment for a life of sin
you have a choice

How does any of this make it okay to torture people for their beliefs?

the belief that rape is ok…the belief that murder is ok….the belief that sin is ok……..?……thats a wierd choice if you ask me those who dont make it to the kingdom of heaven do so under their own consent
the wages of sin is death….and as jesus bore the sins of man on the cross the bible said that god turned away from him

You do realize that not believing in Jesus and believing that rape and murder are okay are two different things, right? Christians have done about as much raping and murdering as any other group throughout history.

right….im saying that the ones being tortured as you say are the ones who choose that over god

Oh, okay. So you’re saying that only amoral people end up in Hell. That you can go to Heaven without believing in Jesus.

but mans actions are not Gods…..we all have free will and the ability to make good and bad decisions
we cant base our faith on the bad descision of man….
belive that some of the worlds most horrible people may have made it to heaven

But whether or not one accepts Jesus has nothing to do with one’s moral character.

its not up to you and i to judge

Of course it’s up to us to judge. We’re capable of soberly measuring the ramifications and motivations of people’s decisions.

i belive it does…..especially since our society was founded on christian principles….having morals directly stem from the teaching of the bible

America was founded as a relatively secular society, though it does periodically backslide into fundamentalism.

its not our place to pass judgement on one another….thats for legal courts for which enforce the law of the land
america was founded by christian prodestants

Many of America’s founders were Christian, yes.

well not founded…but settled by

That doesn’t somehow mean that it wasn’t founded on secular principles, though. One doesn’t have to be an atheist to be a secularist.

the term “secular” means of the world…….so what are you trying to get at?

I’m just pointing out that you’re wrong in declaring American society fundamentally Christian. Not that it matters, really; even if it were, that wouldn’t somehow make it right.

It would make it the guildline for acceptable behavior within the colonies at the time

At any rate, the dichotomy between “believes in Jesus” and “is amoral” is an obviously false one.

i appologize for not giving you a text book anwer in the begining…
the fact of it is that there is no way to heaven except through Christ

A claim which you acknowledge you can’t prove.

many are just afraid of death

Hence the appeal of belief in an afterlife.

and no offense….they mainly display this type of behavior

People who are afraid of death reject religious belief on the grounds that it’s irrational?

look man….ive been there and done that….hoping to hide behind arguments and 6 sylable words but the truth is in the bible

XD!! Six syllable words? I’ve just pointed out that you have no evidence that your claims are true. That’s not really such an elaborate argument, is it?

along with anything else you may need……and if you honestly seek God then he will reveal himself to you

Why should I seek something there’s no reason to believe exists?

and to me this one person looking out for another…but to you its a debate with pride on the line
I really am terribly sorry that you feel the way you feel and I hope that one day you will have a relationship with God

And I hope that one day you’ll exchange your superstitions for healthy skepticism.

Theres a peace and reassurance you get towards life that only he can Offer
I pray that you find it……
your words only deepen my concern….and also make me realize that this is more about winning an argument than it is a conversation

No; I’d be happy to acquiesce to your correctness if you could demonstrate it. The fact is, you have made claims which you cannot prove. No matter how much you try to cloud the issue with pompous moralizing, this is the fact.

how about this….dont challenge me…..Challenge God…..Ask him….Talk to him….

Are you suggesting that I can elicit a tangible and consistent response from your god?

dont make your beef with god a beef with people who belive

I don’t have a beef with god, obviously. How can one have a beef with something which one doesn’t acknowledge the existence of?

im saying that if you approach God like you’ve approached this conversation then im pretty sure he’ll reveal himself to you
honestly im concerned… may not be pleasant….or it may be wonderful…but I wouldnt ever on my worst day forsake my father. not for you or anyone else

I’d forsake my father if he were a mass-murdering psychopath.

those words dont bother me…….but im sure they offend the lord

Why? Given that he’s supposedly omnipotent, one would think he would be above offense at criticism.

if my son acted towards me like you are now I’d be more than upset

If my father were an amoral tyrant, I doubt it would bother me if I upset him.

if you read the bible as you say you have you’d know thats a rediculous statement

The Bible paints a picture of god as a callous, violent lunatic who feels entitled to constant displays of praise and admiration.

and i mean the bible in its entirety …not disected passges

You find it easy to rationalize torture and murder, but I do not.

No… dont understand what torture and mass murder are

So condeming someone to an eternity of torment isn’t a form of torture, in your opinion?

show me in the bible where god has orderd a mass murder just because….or sent someone to be tortued untill they changed there minds

So far as I know, yout god hasn’t sent anyone to be tortured for a finite period.

punishment…….your choice

So far as your god’s murders, I provided you with an instance earlier.

you were wrong

Oh, so that bit about your god killing 50,000 people was… invalid, somehow?

he told them to leave
that he was going to destroy Sodom
not them individually
only a handful listened

…That wasn’t anything to do with Sodom. That wasn’t even in Genesis. Let me give you the chapter and verse again.

then what were you takling about?

1 Samuel 6:19-20, as I said earlier.

what does it say?

Don’t you have a Bible?

note that taking scripture out of context is frowned upon

HA HA HA! Yeah, if it were contextualized I’m sure that it would make murdering 50,000 people not wrong somehow.

and yes i do…its right behind me…but I want you to tell me what it says
this is YOUR point being made here
well books are written in chapters for a reason

“And he smote the men of Beth-shemesh, because they had looked into the ark of the LORD, even he smote of the people fifty thousand and threescore and ten men: and the people lamented, because the LORD had smitten many of the people with a great slaughter. And the men of Beth-shemesh said, Who is able to stand before this holy LORD God? and to whom shall he go up from us?”

ill get my bible…..
there is sooo much more to that…and you know it
just a sec
: )

I’ll be fascinated to see what justification you can come up with for killing 50,000 people for looking into a box.

got my bible
had only the new testament behind me
now……:)….let me read this
in its enirety

Knock yourself out.

(Five minute pause.)

not even done reading yet and let me say……the way in which you have presented this scripture is like reading little red riding hood …
skipping only to the part where her grandmother gets eaten

So you’re comparing the Christian god to a man-eating wolf?

as i said there is soooo much more to this passage
you should be ashamed of yourself

I’m all ears. Please explain to me how the rest of the chapter justifies killing 50,000 people for looking into a box.

not only this chapter but the ones that preceed it……

Please. Go ahead and give me the justification. Don’t let me stop you.

you shouldnt take things out of context.

I’m ready to hear that passage contextualized.  Lay it on me.

(Fifteen minutes pass.)


(He did not respond.)


You shouldn’t talk shit about the son of god, it can have major consquences

Hi. Have we chatted previously?

I’ve heard of you.

At any rate, I’ve never said anything about the son of god, though I do talk about Jesus sometimes.

Jesus is gods son

Got any evidence that that’s true?

Only weaklings need evidence, they lack the strength to have faith. pathetic human

XD Yes, only weaklings employ their reasoning abilities! Those with true inner strength just believe random crap for no reason. You’re so insightful.

I have logic reason and faith. only true beings are capable of this

If you used reason, you’d know that evidence is necessary to rationally justify acceptance of any proposition.

Try to reason burning in hell when you find out you were wrong.

XD You can’t really expect me to take that seriously.

God doesn’t banish people to hell, the problem is with out faith in the lord or his son. then he can’t claim you to safety. but satan will. exept satan doesn’t save you

If all this nonsense is true, then why can’t you provide any evidence for it?

Its your call,

Doesn’t it bother you that there’s no evidence that your views are accurate?

Its thoughts like that is what the devil implants in your mind to damn your soul for an eternity. thats his goal, its like revenge

So logic is a creation of the Devil? Man, I’ll bet you’re nostalgic for the Inquisition.

They don’t call him the great deceiver or the king of lies for nothing
no, its when you let logic make you think you know everything. you see humans don’t know everything the creation of this universe is still a theory.

And of course I don’t think I know everything. I’m just capable of differentiating deranged superstition from reality, in this case. It’s no tremendous testament to my intellect.

There is no way to prove the big bang is true

Sure there is. The Big Bang theory is highly predictive.

in the bible god said he made this earth and possible universe around us out of dust, theres a theory the universe was dust that collected together and became what it is
You seem to think you know everything, you don’t and its making you rely on human knolege to the point where you don’t even try to learn anything new

Don’t think that just because I’m not interested in your particular brand of religion, I’m uninterested in learning.

Of course I don’t expect you to become anything significant in human history

I agree. But do you think that historical celebrity is really the best thing to aim for?
Oh, and the Bible doesn’t say anything about god making the Universe or the Earth out of dust, by the way.

in the beginning it does


Define Citation

I’m asking you to refer me to the bit in the Bible where it states that god made the Earth and the Universe out of dust.

it doesn’t say universe but humans didn’t know that there was more than the earth out there so god didn’t want to confuse us

In that case, please show me where in the Bible it says that god made the Earth out of dust.

it only says he blew dust and created the earth, a simplified unscientific way to explane creation to simple humans at the time

Please show me where in the Bible it says that god blew dust in order to create the Earth.

Im religious and yet understand much about the world we live in
I understand things that would require a mind Nueral interface with you to explane

So, anyway– can you show me where in the Bible it refers to god making the Earth out of dust?

its The very beginning
[the first page its that simple

I don’t see anything about god creating the world out of dust on the first page of Genesis.

My proof that god exist is I ask him for somthing that isn’t immoral It happens
Like help me to succsede at somthing

Can you refer me to where in the Bible it says that god made the Earth out of dust?

I dont know the exact page dude

It’s not actually in there, of course. God made Adam out of dust, but the method by which he created the Earth is unspecified.

you have to figure that people of that time didn’t know much so god didn’t confuse them with science they didn’t have

Anyway, if your god grants you any moral thing you wish for, why haven’t you used that ability to end genocide, famine, and class inequality?

because some things aren’t ment to be, I figure if a being like god knows everything 100% of the time than he must know what hes doing
And I din’t let my inteligance get in the way of that

You certainly did not.

And I plan to become a scientist who creates revolutionary technology

Firstly: it’s hilarious that you think your god will help you with your minor personal challenges but doesn’t bother with the world’s poor and exploited.
Secondly: you’re going to be a crap scientist if you’re hostile to skepticism.

Like fueless cars, energy converters, magnetic containment reactors, you know things like that. Energy converter will recycle wasted energy like heat, or purify irradiated objects

XD Yes, until now such discoveries have eluded all humanity’s scientists, but I’m sure you’ll be able to work it out, no problem.

I use logic and skeptisism, you didn’t hear me correctaly because you wanted to try to twist my words around and use them against me

If you used logic and skepticism, you probably wouldn’t be such a zealous believer in fundamentalist nonsense. And you probably wouldn’t think that you were capable of just popping out revolutionary scientific discoveries.

This isn’t an argument and your not my enemy

I agree that I’m not your enemy.

Im not as zealous as you think,

X) So what are you if you’re not a zealous Christian? A half-hearted Christian? An unwilling Christian?

theres so much for me to explane to you but not enough space to type it down

Hey, I am willing to listen to pretty much anything you have by way of evidence for your beliefs. Don’t pretend that you have evidence but that you can’t tell me about it because you “don’t have enough space to type it down.”

think of god as a computer programer and the universe and every thing in it is the program, he created why?
He created us like you creat a city in this game or create anything in any game

Okey-dokey. Can you prove this claim?

he not realyy a computer programer I was using that as an example

I understand that you didn’t mean it literally.

My friend you should acnolege this, some things in this life can’t be explaned right

XD Truly, you embody the spirit of scientific inquiry!

god only wants true folowers of him in heaven, those who will trust just cause

I’ll take it that you can’t prove your previous claim, then.

Right. There are things science hasn’t discovered, like bigfoot or aliens

That’s probably because bigfoot doesn’t exist. As for aliens, the Universe is extremely large and its components are extremely far apart. These things severely limit our present ability to gather data relevant to the search for extraterrestrial life.

so is god
my point is that just because you don’t have proof doesn’t mean you cant belive in somthing
Its takes more strength to believe

That’s not strength, though I’m sure you’d like to think so. What you’re doing here is rejecting logic and patting yourself on the back for embracing irrationality. If you want to be some brilliant scientist, you’re probably going to have to stop doing that.

I already have the diagrams for my inventions drawn down, I just need resources
Which are exspensive, I need to finsish school
Which I will
But Im not just doing it for myself but for humanity

No doubt future generations will remember you as a hero.

My technology will revolutionise power supply and possibly anialate pollution

If these machines are so blindingly obvious and simple that you can come up with them, why has no one else come up with them before?

They are only simple to someone who can simulate things in their mind like a computer or visually project them outward

I mean, you do realize that there are thousands of people who have devoted their whole lives to scientific study and the development of technology to reduce pollution and provide renewable energy, right?

Its your hoplessness that prevents such acheivements friend

HA HA HA HA! Yes, surely we’d already have come up with cold fusion if we were all as dedicated and brilliant as you are. I mean, who needs the world’s scientific institutions when we have you, right?

This conversation acheives nothing human, Im done with you, At least try to be more open to new ideas.