Conversations with the enlightened.

Me of little faith

time is running out!  the day is fast coming when all men must choose where they will spend eternity…  have you made the right choice?

Save it; I’m not a Christian.

what has led you to reject the word of God?

Obviously I don’t believe that the doctrines of Christianity are the word of a god.

fool…Heaven is all around us…the devil just blinds our eyes with gred..manipulation…vanity!…poor soul…WAKE UP!

Can you show me proof that any of what you’re claiming is true?

If you ask the worlds top scientisit..astro physicists…molecular engineers..bioligists..etc
they will all agree that in order for thi toex there must be an “intelligent designer”
they just dont want to call it GOD

X) Except, of course, that that’s demonstrably untrue.

no…thats a fact..the further down the path of science they walk…the more they conclude..GOD IS REAl

Gallup studies show that over 99% of American biologists reject “intelligent design” creationism.  Also, highly qualified scientists are more likely to be atheistic than people in the general population, though I don’t know the exact figure off the top of my head.


One sec; let me find the documentation.

your documentation means nothing…I have met the LIVING JESUS…one day you will see!

XD So you don’t actually care what the evidence suggests, then?

its not evidence..its opinion

Documentation of objectively verifiable phenomena is opinion?

remeber…’science’ was created by man to justify his existance in a vain attempt to control his world
just like the clock on the wall…it tells us when to get up…go to bed and go to work…
but it is nothing more then a man made invention used to control a collective consciousness
10:23 pm doesnt exist…you just think it does..SLAVE1

I’ll accept your claims as soon as you provide proof for them, thanks.

look at the clock on the wall…and think about it…

Sure, I recognize that our system for measuring time is just an artificial framing device.  That doesn’t prove that the Christian god exists.


He who says “thou fool” shall be in danger of hell fire.

just lijke diamonds…this devilish system has us all spending huge amoubts of money on something that isnt evn valuable!
diamonds arent even rare…THEY ARE CONTROLLED!
carbon…in its purist form!
look at the merri-go-round and how kids reach for the brass ring…not even valuable

XD Wait, so… you’re saying that the fruits of scientific advancement aren’t valuable because they’re kept in artificially short supply?  What are you saying?

much like this system…we spend our lifes reachibng for things that dont mean or arent worth shit
Im saying things man distorts and places in the minds of others to perpuate a crime filled…lustful…greedy vain society is the work of Satan
I saw him in the flesh too!!
WAKE UP BROTHER….time is running out!…

I’ll accept your claims as true as soon as you provide proof for them.

ye of little faith!

Yup. I actually demand evidence to justify my beliefs. Shame on me.

your mind is too closed. I have done all I can


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