Conversations with the enlightened.

me dam f@ck

i love Jesus


i pray to him everyday


because it Jeuse

So what? Jesus was just a person like any other.

no jesus is perfect!

X) Perfect, huh?

god son is perfect

Jesus wasn’t god’s son.

you dam f@ck yes he is!

Got any proof?

the bible b@tch

The Bible’s just a book.

wait do you think it is real?

I think that the Bible exists; I don’t think that its words are necessarily true, though.

you jack@ss sorry it makes me mad when ppl talk about god or his son!

But you haven’t even proven that your god exists.  How can you demand I respect a claim you haven’t demonstrated?

so you dont belevin in god


you b@tch for real


One response

  1. It’s totally Christian to curse at people as long as you replace one of the vowels with @.

    October 2, 2010 at 5:55 pm

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