Conversations with the enlightened.

The Holocaust was a good thing! You heard it here first.

jesus is our only salvation

Why Jesus specifically?

because he was holy

What do you mean by “holy”?

he was rightous…he was temted but did not sin…he was holy…unlike all of us…and aspecialy you!

Do you think he was the son of god?

he is God and is the son of God…not WAs

What makes you think that?

i dont think that i know that

I don’t think that you know that either. X) Seriously, though. How do you know?

know because the bible says and the bible is truth…it is Gods WORDS

And how do you know that the Bible is Gods WORDS?

I know because it is the Truth

How do you know it’s the truth?

Its more complicated than some athiast Idiot could understand

XD In other words, you’re not even going to attempt to justify your beliefs.

my beliefs are justified…there is evidence if ppl look…and the kindom of God is Great

Well, I’ve got my eyes open right now. Please present your evidence.

tonight good to bed and ask the Lord to send you a sign that he exists…he loves you even though you dont know it

So you have no evidence to present, then.

he will give you the evidence duh

Did he give you evidence?

yes…he will show you the way…i was just like you a year ago…i didnt belive…i prad for a good boyfriend and he delivered…
he is a pilot and makes tons of moneu
money…he helped me in my walk with god

You don’t think there’s any possibility that that could have been a coincidence?

they day after hell no

It’s not like a person getting a boyfriend is an exceptionally rare occurrence. You really think it’s more likely that an invisible omnipotent entity manipulated it into happening?

but he is a man of a girls dreams

Oh, okay. Well, if he’s dreamy I guess that proves god exists. : p
If you think god gives you what you pray for, why not pray for a cure for AIDS or something?

no i prayed for a sing and that was the sign i prayed for
remember there is a reason for ADIS…in gods PERFECT PLAN…we just cant understand it
and no he dosnt give what you want

XD So you think god thinks AIDS is a good thing.

every time
no…but he has a plan for it…somthing we cant understand
think of hitler
horible man
but isrial was recreated because of it
in the end it was good

So you think that the Holocaust was a good thing, all in all.

i dont think the acctual holocaust was good…the result was

You think the results of the Holocaust made the Holocaust worth it.

sorry to be rude but your a dam idiot

XD Hey, I’m not the one who believes that my life is controlled by a magical spirit.

ya know what learn somthing about christ so we can have a desent conversation i cant talk to you if your making shit up
we are not controled he dose things from opertounity

So– just so I’m clear– your proof that god exists is that you prayed for a boyfriend and then got a boyfriend.

no my proof comes from God…and it isnt just a boyfriend he is the best very Godly man

So the thing about your boyfriend wasn’t intended as proof of god’s existence.

it started me beliving…my bf solidified it when he witnessed to me

Does the fact that you prayed for a boyfriend and then got one constitute evidence of god, in your opinion, or doesn’t it?

it gave me the first step in beliveing in him yes…pray for a sign ok…i would like to see you in the kindom of
God and eternity

XD Sorry, but something that could easily be explained as an unremarkable coincidence isn’t going to persuade me.

well…then…i tried…dont blam me when you hear…”You are not in the book of life, drag him to hell.”

Oh, so you think your god’s going to have me tortured for not believing in him?

well your here to serve him…you did not do that so you will burn in hell for eternity basicaly

So god created me to be his servant?


If god’s omnipotent, why would he need or want servants?

he wants a feloship with us we are to sever him to love people into the kingdom of god

But you said god created me to be his servant.  God’s omnipotent. Why would he need me to do his work for him? He could just as easily do it himself.

he wants a feloship with you
he loves you

If he loves me, why is he threatening me with infinite torture?

he isnt threatening you

But you’ve said that he’ll have me tortured if I choose not to be his servant.

well it isnt a threat
if you want a threat talk to my boyfriend

XD So you believe god is saying he’ll torture me… in a friendly way?

im done talking to you…plz pray…i will pray for you too =]

Have fun worshipping your maniacal torturer god! : D


2 responses

  1. Me

    It’s actually surprising that humanity has lasted this long when a good portion of the population can have beliefs like this. When the minds of the people can be manipulated this easily with no evidence, just fear of eternal damnation. How is it that we managed to create a democratic society when this kind of control is possible? How democratic north America actually is is up for debate yes but even with a pessimistic view it’s incredible we aren’t all in chains

    May 29, 2012 at 4:51 am

  2. Hector

    What on earth is this? The only reason you would believe in a god and heaven is because you can not accept that when you are dead you are dead. Take note, Evolution and Big Bang Theory. Keeping in mind that it is a theory unlike all religion what is based on stories and there is more proof for evolution and big bang and there is none for a god.

    November 15, 2012 at 1:16 am

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