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The most incoherent conversation I’ve ever had about anything

jesus loves you.(:

Despite being dead?

jesus isnt dead! He is the son of God!

I doubt that.

yes he is stupid!

Can you prove it?

yes(: can you prove He is not?

The fact that there is no evidence that he is means that the only reasonable choice is to reject that assertion. So, can I see your proof now?

there are a lot of things you cant prove either. God is the only thing that will ever make sense.

Sure.  I don’t believe any of the things I can’t prove, though.

good for you. i hope the best for you(:

XD Okey-dokey. Fantastic job proving your point. Bye-bye.

(Three minutes pass.)

jesus love you(:

I heard you the first time.

tell me where you believe we all came from

The human species, you mean?

what is your world view?

What, philosophically?

or do you not understand scientific terms?
because i believe in science myself
but only through God

I believe in the power of the scientific method, sure.

then go ahead, tell me

Tell you what?

your worldview

Well, I’m a rationalist. I’m a materialist. As said, I endorse scientific thinking. I suppose you could call me a civil libertarian as well.

good to know, but you already told me. explain further
there are many scientific theories
which do you prefer?

What scientific theories do I prefer?

YES. oh my your slow!

Newton’s theory of universal gravitation, that’s a good one. Einstein’s theory of relativity, of course. The germ theory of disease. The Copernican theory of cosmology.

theories of how we got here!
theories of creation!

Ah. See, you’re phrasing your questions in kind of a bizarre, vague way.  Asking whether or not I’m an evolutionist– which is what I assume you’re getting at– isn’t the same as asking me my worldview, or asking me to just name scientific theories I like.

no i just have to rephrase them for you so your weakest muscle in your whole system can comprehend.. your brain(:
no duhhhhh…

but then i asked you to explain further

X) Then why didn’t you just ask if I believed in evolution? Why all the nonsense about worldviews? Anyway, yeah, I endorse evolution.

evolution doesn’t explain creation
you obviously dont know a thing!
not even what you believe in…

Evolution addresses changes in allele frequency in populations over time. It has nothing to do with the creation of life, if that’s what you’re implying.

it’s a waste of time talking to you

The feeling’s mutual, I can assure you.

but i aasked you about creation not evolution

Ah, okay. Well, in that case, I favor the self-replicating molecule hypothesis.

you just throw out scientific terms. go to school, read a book, anything! just get smarter, learn what your talking about….HA learn about

I’m pretty well-versed in evolutionary theory and abiogenesis, actually. XD And I’m also pretty well-versed in creationist propaganda, too, so far as knowing both sides goes.

how old are you? 12?
listen to your mommy and daddy
and quit drugs
your crazy
and quit lying!

So, now that you’ve gotten that out of your system, do you actually have any evidence in support of any of your claims, or…?

do you have proof of your theory?

What, evolution or the self-replicator scenario for abiogenesis?

darwin said it doesnt count

…I don’t think any evolutionist has ever used that as a justification for evolutionary belief. XD You’re quite melodramatic, aren’t you?
Anyway, one topic that’s fairly simple to discuss is the stratification of fossils. Evolution accounts for the way fossils are stratified in a way creationism can’t.

how so?????

Well, take for example that there are millions upon millions of years’ worth of fossils deposited before mammals appear. If you believe that mammals and trilobytes were created at the same point, that’s a difficulty. Of course, an evolutionist knows that mammals are a relatively late arrival, which accounts for their placement in the fossil record.

you can’t prove the beggining of time

Who said anything about the beginning of time?

the earth is only a few thousand years old
there for there is no MILLIONS of years ago!

X) Any competent geologist or biologist or cosmologist could tell you otherwise. But, anyway– the stratification, as it is, is evidence for evolution, regardless of whether you’re a young-Earther or not. So, there you are.

i wouldnt be so harsh if you were agnostic. but your just stupid

You asked me for evidence. I gave you evidence. Can you reciprocate with evidence in favor of your claims, or will you just continue mindlessly insulting me?

theres much evidence. i wont even start with the bible because im sure you know quite enough
there’s the fact that God is irrelevant
you dont understand the order of all creation
you believe in human superiority

Superiority to what?

you dont believe in the supconsious mind which obviously exists
to all living things

Oh, I wouldn’t say that.
And I do believe in the subconscious. I’m not sure where you got that bit from.

all atheist argue that, glad you disagree(:

I’ve never known atheists to be particularly fixated on the existence of the subconscious mind. But, anyway. Please continue with your bizarre procession of “evidence.”

like i said, read some books. get informed

And as I’ve said, I am reasonably well-informed. You, on the other hand, have shown yourself to be virtually incapable of coherent discussion or of producing evidence.

doesnt seem like you know enough

XD Can you give me some evidence that your god exists or not? If not, go away please.

and hunny i gave more evidence than you did
your’s didnt even come together

I explained it pretty clearly, I thought. Was there some bit that seemed not to make sense to you? Perhaps I can clarify for you.

all the terms are real, but you didnt even know what we were discussing

X) Can you give me evidence for your god’s existence or not? I’m not asking anything unreasonable. And, no, “You don’t believe in the subconscious mind or understand the order of creation!” isn’t evidence.

you just space out or what?

In the middle of your disjointed rant? Possibly.

where’s your evidence?

Did you miss the bit about fossil stratification?

i didnt see any scientific evidence either!

…The bit about fossil stratification WAS the evidence.

which isnt prooven!

Are you for real? You don’t think that fossils are stratified? Would you like me to find you a photograph of stratified fossils or something?

oh wow a picture! evidence!

Would you accept a picture, or would that just prompt another deranged rant?

i honestly have better things to do right now. go ahead livily your disordered life

X) Have fun with your superstitions. Bye!

have fun with yours(:


The power of love

jesus loves u

Jesus is dead.

hun he rose from the dead, u will see one day and i hope he forgives u

Forgives me for what?  If you’re correct and he does still exist, I’ve not done anything wrong toward him.

u are blaspeming his name and if u read your bible hun, u would know that

I’m aware of the Bible’s claims; I just don’t accept them all as true.  Anyhoo, if Jesus wants me to not blaspheme him, he needs to cut the crap and prove his existence.

I’m sure he will if u ask him

Okey-dokey.  JESUS!  DO YOU EXIST?
Well, that’s funny.  Nothing happened.  Do you think he’s out?

it will, He loves people like you the most and probably is devising his plan right now

I’m sure.  So, why all the convolution?  Why not reveal himself directly?

just to anwer your question would be great hey
any q’s just ask

Okey-dokey.  Here’s a question: do you have any tangible evidence that any of your theology is actually true?

i dont want to discuss my theology because it isnt a theology, god is love, he is everywhere
everytime u love someone, u are using one of gods greatest powers, proving he exists

X)  Okay.  Let me rephrase: do you have any tangible evidence that any of your recent god-related claims are actually true?

just proved it…gtg…be sweet

…Are you high?  You proved nothing.

have u ever loved anyone or anything? if yes, then u just proved god exists….weeeeeeeeeeeeee

How is the existence of the Christian god required in order to explain the existence of love?

therefore if god exists, his word must be true, therefore his son did die
because god is the only one to claim that he is love…hey u should read a bit more…gtg now tc

I’m sorry, but… there’s just no way to euphemize this: you’re being dumb.
It’s said that the Christian god is love.  Therefore, you reason, since love exists, the Christian god exists.  Now, Poseidon was said to be the sea.  The sea exists.  Does Poseidon therefore exist?


“why do u want evedence?”

do u accept jesus as savior?


every body needs jesus

What for?

because he is the path of rightiousnes

Says who? It’s possible to be righteous without Jesus.

wat i mean is without him we would all be lost

What about all the people who don’t rely on Jesus and yet are not lost in any commonly-used sense of the term?

the people who dont follow da lord goes to hell ond dats wat i mean by lost

I see.  Can you prove that?

only god can do u read da bible or own one


it talks about it in da bible

Sure, but why should one take the Bible to be accurate?

if u have faith then u can believe wat da bible says

I prefer evidence-based belief to faith.

u dont need evidence

Speak for yourself.

how do u think we were made

Humans evolved from other species.

no god made adam from dirt then took one of his ribs and then made eve

Can you prove that?

no only god can

So why bother making claims to people if you can’t prove them?

why do u want evedence

Because I care whether or not my beliefs are true.

if u believe in god he will believe in u

…That’s nice, but there’s no reason to believe that your god even exists.

look around u and u will find evedence

Okey-dokey. That’s more like it. What kind of evidence?

how do u think the world came in to existance or how do u think wat u think we evolved from came to existance

I will answer your questions, but first I’d like to point out that none of that is evidence that your god exists.

its enough for me and all christians

That’s because Christians have ridiculously low standards for evidence.

we dont ask for alot

Yes, exactly.
Anyway, how do I think the world came into existence? The Earth was formed by nebular dust and debris drawn together by gravity. And to answer your latter question, our direct ancestors also evolved from other species.

were did those species come from

They also would have evolved from other species, and so on to abiogenesis.

can u prove that



Take, for instance, the fact that our close evolutionary relatives share high percentages of our genetic code. Chimps, for instance, share over 98% of the same DNA as humans, which is the sort of thing that evolutionary theory predicted before it could otherwise be known.  It’s a bit hard to explain why an omnipotent deity would reuse gigantic chunks of DNA like that.

then why are we smarter

Because our brains are structured differently.

were did gravity com from

There’s not a consensus on that, so far as I know.


Can you prove that?

it dont need proven if proven then weres faith

XD So you endorse believing things for no reason, then?

there is a reason

But you endorse believing things without evidence.

theres evidence all around u u just have to look closely

All right. What evidence?

every thing in existance

How so?

god made it

how is everything in existence evidence that the Christian god exists?


Yes what?  I’m asking you
HOW it constitutes evidence.


So it’s not actually evidence, then, if faith is required.  Look, if I told you I believed in evolution because of faith, would you find that reasonable?

it is evedence

How is it evidence, then?  How does the existence of the Universe necessitate the existence of the Christian god?

how did the universe come to exest

Answer my question, please.  Then I’ll answer yours.

its part of ur question

My question is, how does the existence of the Universe necessitate the existence of the Christian god?

cause there is no other way

How do you know there’s no other way?  Hell, even if you accept that a god did it, why the Christian god?


So, in other words, there’s no actual evidence that suggests it.

this is all we need

Sure, so long as you don’t care whether or not your beliefs are actually true.

we know our beliefs are true i dident completly understand it until now

You can’t know whether or not your beliefs are true without testing them against observable reality.

why test god

Because there’s no other way to determine whether or not your god is real.

faith is all u need

Not if you care about the truth.

that is tha truth

No, it isn’t.  It’s a delusion you embrace because you feel good about it.

no its wat u have faith in and faith is stronger than u think

Sure, faith is strong, but it’s also commonly misdirected.

not if its directed to god

Yet another claim for which you have no evidence other than “faith,” I’m sure.


Don’t you realize that your “faith” can be used to justify absolutely anything?

thats all u need is faith

Yeah, I heard you the first fifteen times.  But you do see that, don’t you?  “Faith” can be used to justify anything.

thats all i can say couse i cant make u believe the rst is up to u

XD “Up to me”?  Chucking away reason and morality in favor of blind faith is up to me?  Gee, thanks.  Hopefully I’ll be able to rise to that challenge.  Do answer my question, though, please.


You do realize that “faith” can be used to justify absolutely anything, right?


And you don’t realize that that’s a bad thing?

wat do u mean

The fact that anything, including things that are stupid, irrational, ridiculous, and abominable can be justified by blind faith.  By your own rationale, I could say, “I believe that 1+1=5.  Why?  Because I have faith.”

thats not wat i mean

It is what you’re saying.  It’s just not something you’ve thought about, evidently.  If you can use “faith” to support your god, I can use “faith” to support pretty much anything I like, including the idea that 1+1=5.

thats not wat faith is

Okey-dokey. What’s your definition of faith, then?


But you use faith to justify your belief in god. That’s circular reasoning.

look in a dictionary’

…Looking in a dictionary won’t change the fact that “God is real because god” doesn’t make any sense.

thats all i can say

Isn’t it sort of depressing to claim belief in things that are so obviously untrue?

thats wat u believe

Sure, but I can also back up my beliefs with proof, which you can’t.

we dont need proof

Okay. I believe that 1+1=5!  I don’t need proof, I just believe.  Now, does that sounds like the demonstration of a wise philosophy or an idiotic one?

thats not the same thing

Of course it is. You just don’t want to accept it.

u just want to believe it

XD No– the evidence demonstrates it.  That’s why I believe it.

all that is is theory

What’s better– a strongly-supported theory or a bizarre, illogical idea with no proof?

we dont need no proof

Okey-dokey.  1+1=5!  I don’t need no proof!  Once again, I must ask: does that sound like the result of an effective method for thinking?


It’s exactly the same thing– a ridiculous belief in something with no proof behind it.  The only difference is, you can’t see that your belief in god is just as stupid as my hypothetical belief that 1+1=5.

ur a damn fool

Hey, at least I don’t believe things on no proof and then try to use “faith” to excuse it.

fuck ur proof

Temper, temper.

fuck u

Inquiring minds want to know

do u beleive in Jesus?

Not really, no.

then ur goin to burn in the fires of hell

“Hell,” huh? Do you believe in Santa Claus as well?


Why not?

cause i dont, do you

Nope. I disbelieve in Santa, the Easter Bunny, Darth Vader, and Jesus, all on approximately the same grounds.

i can see that you dont beleive in jesus, thats y i said ur goin to hell

On what grounds do you reject belief in Santa?

cause i do, y u reject beleif in jesus?

Because there’s no evidence that he exists.  Not as popularly conceived, anyway.

thats not true, thiers the bible

There are books about Santa as well.

yeah fiction books, the bible is nonfiction

Of course it isn’t.   It’s full of stuff that’s obviously not drawn from reality.

k so whats ur point

My point is that anyone who refuses to believe in Santa should probably refuse to believe in Jesus as well.

y u keep talkin bout santa?? your comparing 2 totally different beings

Well, Santa’s a fantastical being who almost certainly doesn’t exist.  Same thing goes for your Jesus.  Many of the arguments used to debunk Santa can also be applied to Jesus.

not really

Please instruct me as to where I am wrong.

well santa is fictional and its pretty easy to see that thier aint a santa, and your same argument is saying that santa and jesus are the s
while jesus and all that hes done has nothing to do with santa

I’d say that Jesus is fictional and that it’s pretty easy to see that he never existed.   Not as described in the Bible, anyway.

and how is that
tell me how jesus has never existed

Well, he flies around, magically zaps people back to life, and so forth.

um jesus never flew

No, Jesus flew.  He flew up into the sky after appearing to the apostles following the resurrection.

thats true but you said that he went around zapping others back to life

Yeah– he supposedly popped Lazarus’s dead body back to life after four days.

jesus didnt live on earth zapping others to life as he flew

XD No, he didn’t zap people back to life AS he flew, though doing them separately is hardly less ridiculous.

not really cause you said PEOPLE lazarus is a person, people is 2 or more
and he didnt fly, he was LIFTED in to heaven

He “ascended.” I would call that materially the same as flying.
As for the people/person thing—okay, I’ll give you that. Jesus zapped *a person* back to life.  It’s still absurd, though, so my point stands.

before you say somethin try gettin your facts together
no being ascended and flying are different

I think you’re just playing semantics.   At any rate, I’d call ‘ascending’ at least as unlikely as flying.

and y is that

Because it violates everything we know about reality.  Just like, say, Santa’s flying sleigh.  You might well say, “No, Santa’s sleigh doesn’t
fly, it’s lifted into the air,” but in the end the principle is still absurd.

you go, still bringing up santa

Sure.  And why not?   It’s a useful parallel to draw to your Jesus character.

not really if you were talkin about the easter bunny then sure, but like i said santa and jesus are 2 totally different beings

X) Are you really listening to me?

yeah, unfortunatly

Yes, they are different.  But they also display points of similarity.

no, actually they dont

Sure they do.  They both possess bizarre and implausible supernatural characteristics, characteristics which mark them both as fictional creatures. And there’s no evidence that either of them ever existed, at least as they’re popularly characterized.

which are, jesus showed love, is that a implausible characteristic

X) No, that’s not an implausible characteristic. The flying and miracles and whatnot are the things I take issue with– surely you’re aware of that.

thier is evidance, the bible
you keep sayin thiers no evidence but i just gave you some

The Bible is just a book.
If I showed you a book about Santa, would that cause you to conclude that Santa was real?

no cause i know that thiers no santa
a nonfictional book

Can you prove to me that it’s consistently accurate to reality?

actually yes, cesar the leader of rome wrote letters about jesus
what are you gonna say that thier was no cesar, that thier was no rome

XD No, I’m going to ask you how a letter written by a person proves that Jesus was magic.

and ive never seen a fat man come into my house
um it never said that jesus was magic
its pretty obvious you dont know much, you a weak atheist

The Bible describes Jesus performing all kinds of magical feats. Transmuting water into wine, walking on water, healing the sick, etc.
And I’m actually rather well-versed in Christian mythology, thanks.

christianity aint catagorized as mythology and magic doesnt include walking on water or healing the sick, last time i checked doctors heale
d the sick as well

Yes, but they don’t do it in a supernatural way.   Stop obfuscating.  You know as well as I do that what Jesus is claimed to have done is different from what doctors now do.

christianity is a Religion as a matter of fact its one of the worlds top 3 religions

It is. And all religions have their mythologies.

well you should say what he did then

According to the Bible, or in reality?

doesnt matter

In reality, there’s no way to know much of anything about Jesus, assuming he existed. In the Bible story, Jesus was the avatar of Yahweh, sent to Earth to serve as a blood sacrifice to atone for humanity’s sins.

so what are you trying to say
i dont see what your tryin to say, is jesus a criminal

I’ve been saying that there’s no reason to believe that Jesus was what the Bible says he was.

what you jelous that you cant do what jesus do

XD No.   I’m not jealous.  Nobody can do what Jesus supposedly did.  I might as well be jealous of Superman.

k well who cares about what you have to say

X) Do you care if your beliefs are true or not?  You certainly don’t seem to.

i do but i dont care bout what an atheist have to say

No need to lash out just because you can’t show any evidence for your beliefs.

i do i have the biblewhat physical proof do you have

What physical proof do I have of what?

how do you know

How do I know what?

that what you say bout the bible

Because I’ve read it.

you have no proof

Sure I do. I can substantiate any of my claims.

okay, thats not enough to make the bible a lie

I never said it was a lie, just that it wasn’t wholly true.

so all because you read the bible that means that its a lie??

No– the Bible’s contents don’t correspond to reality.  That’s what makes it untrue.

so you tryin to say that some of it is true and some aint

I would agree that that’s true.

how can that be

How can that be?   Very simply.  Some bits of it are true, some aren’t.

like what

Well, it refers to the Roman Empire.  And the Roman Empire did exist.  That bit’s true.
It also says (according to the literal interpretation, which I have a hunch you subscribe to) that all lifeforms on Earth were zapped into existence by god in their current forms.  That bit’s not true.

well your wrong cause not all are in current form

I’m not sure I take your meaning.

and no everthing wasent zapped into existence
i beleive God made man out of the dust of the eartch

Okay. Well, we know that’s not true, except perhaps in a metaphorical sense.

if everything wasent made by God then what did make the earth
can you explain that
how is that not true

The Earth was formed from particulate matter in a nebula, drawn together by gravity.

how do you know that
can you back that up


okay well then say
u have any physical proof

Using deep field photography, we can see that stars form from nebulae.

and if God didnt make man then what did
okay whats your point, is earth a star

Try to control yourself, please, until I’m done explaining. X)


No you aren’t. You keep interrupting.

no im just waiting on you

XD If you were waiting, you wouldn’t keep messaging me.   Please shut up for a minute and let me answer your question.
Thank you.

im waiting

A star is, in this sense, rather like a more-massive planet– a collection of particulate matter so massive that gravity has caused nuclear fusion to begin.

your just takin to long to come up with you junk

While planets are too minute for us to see their forming in this way, we can observe stars forming in exactly the way the planetary nebula hypothesis predicts they would.

so, whats your poiint

…My point is to answer the question you put forward about how I know the Earth was formed from nebular matter.

okay well then how come stars dont have humans
or animals or life??

Because they’re far too hot to support life.

how did plants and animals our plant? did nebula create mom and dad animals to reproduce?

No, of course not. A nebula is just a big cloud of dust, gas, and debris.  As for plants and animals differentiated themselves evolutionarily from predecessor organisms.

how come, their are plenty of suns, surely one planet will be able to support life

Sure.   It’s altogether possible that life exists elsewhere in the Universe.

how come we dont have proof then

How come we don’t have proof of what?

so where did the predecessor organisms come from?

Try to wait until I’ve finished answering one question before asking another.

of other life, we have proof of nebula
im waiting right now

We don’t have the ability to closely examine more than a tiny, tiny fraction of the planets in the Universe. Extra-solar planets are too far away to be closely scrutinized, at least with present technology.   The impact of a population of organisms would have to be truly dramatic to be at all evident to us from our distant viewpoint.

okay so how come the other planets didnt adapt and have their own life
our planet adapts

…As I’ve just said, other planets may well support life.

and where did humans come from then

Humans evolved from ancestral organisms.

what ancestral organisms

That depends exactly where you draw the line between human and proto-human.   But, essentially, a very humanlike form of primate.

so you say we came from monkeys


then what are you saying
your not giving me good proof

I’m saying that we evolved from other primate species.
You haven’t asked for proof.

what other primate species

As I said, that depends where exactly you draw the line between human and proto-human.

i asked for proof like 5 minutes ago.

X) You asked for proof that the Earth developed from a nebula.  The conversation’s moved on to other topics since then.

thats not a solid thing to say

It’s a perfectly solid thing to say.   It’s the truth.

how do you know that its the truth

Because the evidence strongly suggest it.

what evidence

What claim, specifically, are you talking about?

you say humans came from primates

Ah, all right.   So you wish me to provide proof that humans evolved from other forms of primate?

some say birds

XD Nobody says humans evolved from birds. Nobody that I’ve ever heard, anyway.

yes and proof about the fish and birds

What fish and birds?

i hear atheist say all the time that we evolved from fish, birds and primates

They’re wrong, then; humans didn’t evolve from birds.

you atheist need to get your game plan together
then what makes you right

That I have evidence to support my assertions.

what makes you crap more beleivealbe from them
let me see your evidence

Okey-dokey. Evidence pertaining to which assertion, specifically?

what we were talkin about duh

By the way, not all evolutionists are atheists.

most are

No.   Most evolutionists are religious.

speakin of which i have a question

X) You have a question?  Quelle surprise.

where are you going to go when you die
a hole

Yeah, I think I’ll be buried.

okay and then
your in a hole

My body’s in a hole, yeah.

then what

No way to know for sure.  Hopefully my body will stay in the hole.

thats it

Better than being dug up again. X)

thats it, you people dont have much to live for
you die and thats it

History is replete with people who disbelieved in an afterlife and yet experienced strong purpose in their lives.

just to end up in a hole??

I’d say that what you do with yourself before you end up in the hole is what counts.
At any rate, it’s indisputably possible to experience purpose in life without depending on some kind of magical spirit to take you to a fairyland after you die.

hes not a magical spirit and no he doesnt take your body
he takes your spirit
shouldnt you know that since you know so much bout the bible

I’d term him a magical spirit.

well your term for him is wrong

I disagree.

i disagree


congrats for you

Thank ya.  Any more demented ranting you have to do, or are you finished now?

um i wasent ranting, unfortunatly ive listened to all your ranting

You still haven’t provided me with one speck of evidence that your beliefs are true, while I’ve provided all the evidence you’ve asked for.

i said the bible

The Bible is just a book.  That something is written in a book is not evidence of its truthfulness.

your evidence sucks
all you give me are theries

XD My evidence is perfectly substantial.   It sure beats “OOH OOH SOMEONE WROTE IT DOWN IN A BOOK,” at very least.

i didnt say someone wrote a book
and actually it was multiple men of God who wrote that book

…Yes, I know.  Surely you understand what I’m attemping to communicate.

when y u say someone

I was caricaturing your position.

if your gonna say something, say what your meaning, dont use idiotic saying to try to get your point across

XD You understood perfectly well what I meant.  And now you play semantics in an attempt to distract from the fact that your claims are without evidence.

okay i really dont care

Clearly you don’t care whether your views are true to reality or not.

i im gonna say is dont be denying Jesus and saying he doesnt exist
no one wants to listen to what idiot atheist have to say

Until you can prove to me that any of your claims about Jesus’s divine nature are true, I’ll continue to say what I please.

Satan’s microchip

do you accept the gift of life?

Er… depends what you mean by that.  Probably not.

youre not a Christian?

Proud to say I’m not.

youre a lose
youre a loser

That’s a tad judgmental, don’t you think?

how can you reject Jesus’s sacrifice? Thats like slapping him in the face. Get a life

Very easily. Not everyone thinks Jebus was magical, you know.

haha, youre going to hell

XD So the idea of someone else being tortured for eternity makes you laugh?  Nice.

yes it makes me laugh becuz we aer givin the truth and you neglect it. Research the truth buddy

By “the truth” I assume you mean Christian mythology.

it aint my fault your blind. Dont know how to look on the news and read the bible and make comparisons? SATAN

Can you provide me with a specific example of the evidence you think I’ve missed out on?

earthquakes, new world order, mark of the beast, like i said, dont be blind

So… earthquakes prove that your god exists?

the bible prophecies are real buddy, like i said if you were to research stuff youd know. Earthquakes happening EVERYDAY, God does exist,

You do realize that we’ve come up with explanations for earthquakes that don’t involve magic, right?

but SATAN knows
yo9u know Gods real otherwise why clown Jesus Satan?

Are you addressing me as Satan?

no not satan but youre letting him use you

Can you demonstrate to me how your god is necessary to explain the existence of earthquakes?

well when Jesus died the whole entire earth was shaken by tremendous forces, hey I apologize, you dont know
the bible is going to be fulfilled, I am challenging you to reseach this

Oh, I’m familiar with the stories, of course. The veil of the temple being ripped in half and all that.

awesome, now why say its not true then

Because there’s no reason to suppose it is true.   It makes all kinds of fantastic claims that aren’t evidenced.   I see no reason to believe that the Bible is any more true than the Qu’ran, the Bhagavad Gita, or the Book of the Dead.

because all of that is FAKE
tHATS what satan wants you to believe
Go to Youtube and look up interview with ex satanic elite

Why would I find someone’s personal testimony compelling?

well then how about you call on Satan and play weggie board if thats how u speel it

XD Why would I play with a Ouija board?

because you can testify the truth for yourself. The controversy between good and evil is real
youre not the only person in the world that thinks that theyre not ignorant and know the truth

How is a Ouija board going to prove the existence of god/Satan?

well call on and summon demon spirits, let them posses you like emily rose lol
youre telling me that you dont think jesus is real but youre too afraid to play the ouji board?
even Ive played it and dealt with the consequence because at one point I was like you

XD I just can’t imagine why I’d go spend money and time attempting to do something that I know isn’t going to work.

only one way to find out, ok, watch some youtube videos, ppl do get possesed, theres a lot of truth out there, but the world loves a lie

Ain’t that the truth.

we dont have to communicate anymore, just wanted to hear what u had to say, God bless

XD Dear lord, you’re so pompous.   “God bless”?  A few minutes ago you were laughing at the thought of my being tortured.

lol, I was a non believer at one point and Im saying to you that you can burn cuz im not
thats why I laughed because u didnt know
not laughing at pain, just bewilderment
maybe one day youll know

I *know* what you’ve told me so far. I’m aware of the claims; I just dismiss them because they’re unevidenced.

i cant show you anyting from where im at

Why not?

look for yourself buddy, u got to believe
free masons and illuminati is real
new world order and microchips are real

Microchips are real? You don’t say.

mark of the beast, why is the number on it 666?

Why is the number on what 666?

the mircochip, come on NOW dont be fooled, you got to save yourself, if you werent interested in it then WHY talk to me for so long?

What microchip? There’s more than one, y’know.
Sure I’m interested; religious beliefs and superstitions of all kinds interest me.

the one they put in humans to track em, just do me a favor, watch new world order on youtube

Can you link me to documentation on the specific tracking microchip you’re talking about?

im on this at the moment but look up microchip and it should explain it to you, the bible talks about the mark of the beast in your forehead
and right hand, guess where that chip goes?

Look up “microchip”?  Are you kidding?  A microchip is a generic device. If you’re talking about a specific sort of microchip, you’ll have to at least tell me what it’s called.

no specifs

…If you don’t know any of its specific characteristics, how do you expect me to look it up? XD

by the basic meaning mircochip

Microchips don’t have any intrinsic connection with tracking people. I’d like to think you’re already aware of this, but electronic appliances from phones to computers to digital watches all have microchips in them.

they explain that on the documenary with the new world order
true, but not ones you in stick in body

Like the ones in pacemakers, for instance.

not aware of that but dont let nobdoy stick nothing in you

I don’t think I’m prepared to turn down a pacemaker if I need one.

im in the USA and in the news they werent gonna let ppl have insurance without
the chip in your head or hand

Again I have to ask, can you link me to any documentary evidence that what you’re saying is true?

go to youtube look up mirco chip mark of the beast and watch news clips, im watchign too

Okay, I’ll humor you. You want me to search “microchip mark of the beast” and watch the first video that comes up, do you?

lol no, the one that seems to catch you
all of em are good, plus you get to see the truth

All right; I’ll watch one of ’em.

(This is the video I pull up:

To save you watching it, it’s a bunch of news programs about things like electronic tracking wristwatches for children and implants which could be used for ID edited together and set to spooky music.  Then at the end the narrator quotes the bit from Revelation about the Mark of the Beast in a spooky voice.)

The Microchip Mark Of The Beast (666) im watching this one

Yup; that’s the same one I’m watching.

all from cnn

(The video finishes.)

Okay.  What was that supposed to prove?   The existence of electronic identification technology doesn’t prove anything supernatural.

it explains DIRECTLY what the BIBLE has been saying, what more do you need to see?

…No, it talked mostly about electronic identification technology.  It didn’t demonstrate that that technology would ever be needed for people to buy or sell, or that the number 666 was involved.

thats the actual number on it, on them al and the BIBLE said that how many centuries ago?

That’s the number on what?  There were about eight different kinds of technology mentioned in that clip.

nope thats where ur wrong, the chip does many things brother, mail me becuz i gotta work, take care

…It’s not “the chip.” They mentioned several different kinds of technology.  Identification and tracking technology, both implanted and worn externally. I think I paid more attention to that video than you did.

ive watched the video and its implanted in your skin, look idk bout u but im in college and im very educated, u aint seeing it right

…You’re in college and you’re very educated.   Consider me intimidated. XD
If there was a “666” number associated with one of those devices, why wasn’t it mentioned in the video?

why didnt u watch the end? Look im not debating anything, even when my points are proven u lack knowledge, im off, good day

Yeah, at the end he recites the Bible verse, but he doesn’t actually associate it with anything from the news clips.

theres more than one video

If there’s a video that contains documentation of what you’re talking about, why didn’t you direct me to that video?

i expand my knowlege outside of 1 or 2 videos, i hit a variety to build and base my knowlege entirely, keep researching

Why do you continually refuse to produce any evidence for your claims?

evidence is everywhere, what do you mean refuse buddy? I guess you dont have knowlege but it aint your fault. PPL like u watch one thing

I’ve asked you to show me evidence for your assertions, and all you’ve done is tell me to go find it myself.

and base their opions from mama and papa, watch the news read the bible stop trying to contradict everything

HA HA HA HA!  Oh god.  The irony is just too thick.

like you said why base your theroy off of my beliefs and evidence, we ALL have to find thigns out ourselves right
lol youre blind

Yes, I’m so blind I reject ideas that don’t make sense.  Shame on me.

i have nothing to prove
i dont have to explain myself

X) And you can’t

so ppl like you that are ignorant try to contradict and criticize

I thought you were leaving.

Jesus must be proud of this one

do you accept jesus’s gift of eternal life?

Nope, but something tells me you do.

how does it feel knowing your eternal soul is damned to burn

Obviously I don’t believe that to be the case.

you really think people came from a puddle of mud


so you dont think

I’m a fan of thinking; I just don’t think that we came from a) a puddle of mud or b) Jebus.

so your a monkey and im a man thats ok with me

Who said anything about monkeys?

where do u think we came from then?

Oh, I think we evolved.

than your a monkey

XD Who said anything about monkeys?

i did

Oh, okay. No, I’m not a monkey; I’m a Homo sapiens.

i know what your are you are an idiot

Mm. Well, at least I’m not enough of an idiot to waste my life worshiping an imaginary spirit.

i think 99% of the world is smarter than you
when your on your death bed you will know

What about all the other atheists who have died atheists?  Why should it be any different for me than it was for them?

you shouldnt talk about things u dont know about
have you ever even read what Jesus taught

I’ve read the Bible.

ya right

Heh. You know, not everyone who reads the Bible is convinced that it’s true.

why do you hate Jesus so much

I don’t hate Jesus; I just don’t think that he was the son of god.

thats a shame

Not in my opinion.

opinion is bull facts are facts

That’s surprisingly close to my attitude.

have you ever heard of a little thing called history

Yes, I have.

and do you know what it is

Sure. It’s a record of past events.

evre heard of a little country called Isreal


you dont make any sense you say you like to think but you obviosly dont think about anything

I think plenty; I just haven’t reached the same conclusions as you have.  And, you know, even though I find theism moronic, I wouldn’t go anywhere near so far as to say theists are allergic to thinking.  Smart and sometimes intellectually rigorous people are capable of reaching wildly inaccurate conclusions.

if your an athiest than you dont have any conclusions

I’ve drawn plenty of conclusions about things. Would you like me to provide some examples?

go ahead
im very well educated dont embarass yourself

I have concluded that 1+1=2. I have concluded that Forrest Gump is an outrageously overrated movie. I’m positive that I’m fond of Earl Grey. etc.

so you are an athiest with no conclusions just full of bull

Did you miss the conclusions I’ve drawn which I just listed?

only one coclusion and 2 opinions

I’ve also concluded that water is made of hydrogen and oxygen and that the Earth orbits the Sun, for what that may be worth.

hell is real remember i told you so

But you gave me no evidence, therefore your telling me so was effectively worthless.

i hope you like burning

XD And I hope you like worshiping an imaginary spirit.


No thx.


Wow, you’re good at repeating simple phrases. Jesus must be so proud. XD




If you say so.


X) Are you getting off on this?


Of course I deny it. X)


What a Christian sentiment. XD


Because I like being alive. Also, I don’t believe in the Devil, so the Devil-related ramifications of my choices don’t concern me. XD


And you’re apparently damned to have the caps lock stuck on for eternity…


XD And if I don’t wake up screaming tonight, does that prove you wrong?


Mhm. So, I ask you again– if that doesn’t happen, would that prove you wrong?


But, hypothetically, what if it doesn’t?


Which god are you talking about, again? XD


No one religious denomination makes up 99% of the world. The most popular religion at the moment is Christianity, but only about a third of the world’s population adheres to it.


But which god do I supposedly know is real?  There are a lot of ’em, y’know.


Because I prefer to be alive.

so i guess you believe we are just a bunch of monkeys


you know your gonna burn in hell thats why you talk so much chit

Hey, I’m not the one who’s been screaming threats and insults at a complete stranger for the past fifteen minutes.

you dont believe anything

I believe in a lot of things.

there is no difference between your azz and your mouth
your full of chit
100% of the procpecy in the bible is true

Can you provide me with an instance in which the Bible specifically predicted an ostensibly unpredictable event?

(Then he logged off.  Incidentally, I didn’t wake up screaming that night.)


Do you follow the spirit of Christ, the son of God?

Heck no.  I think Jesus was just a person like you or I.

Those who speak blasphemy against the holy spirit recieve no mercie from God

Where’s your evidence that your god even exists?

All around, all religions including budists, islam, taoist, etc etc all acknowledge Jesus, If He didnt exist why would they acknowledge him
the prophet muhammad who is worshipped in islam even said Jesus did infact live and die and was the son of God

I didn’t ask about Jesus, I asked about your god. You know, the omnipotent entity you reckon created the Universe.
And I can’t imagine why you’d think that I’d find Muhammad’s personal testimony compelling. XP

if there is proof Jesus existed then naturaly His father which is in heaven exist, it would be foolish to acknowledge one with out the other

Are you kidding? That Jesus existed doesn’t mean he was magic. That’s a colossal leap of logic.

You dont find it compelling that ALL religions acknowledge Jesus, and Jesus himself preached the word of God
your illogical enough to not see the correlation?

Of course all religions don’t acknowledge Jesus’s divinity. And even if they did, that wouldn’t prove it.

They acknowledge Him then Teach against His divinity
If the devil exists and he is spoken of in the bible, why then would God or Jesus himself not exist who are in the same book?

Why would I think that Satan existed?

and no Jesus isnt magical.. He preach against magic, and witch craft

Eh. Miracle, magic. Potayto, potahto.

do you listen to music, pay attention to politics, or anything in the world?

Yes, I do.

then youd know the devil existed

What evidence, specifically, do you think I would find of Satan’s existence?

look if you dont believe in God AND Jesus, then the devil worked his “magic” on you
God said the devil’s whole purpose is to lead you away from God, sounds like it worked

XD No, my powers of basic reasoning worked their “magic” on me.

well you dont believe in God or Jesus, the devil did his job well on you, figured youd be smart enough to not let him

I’m smart enough to see that believing things for no reason isn’t a good idea.

and the evidence is clear…… if there was truly none why would you type the blaspemy you type then? your acknowledging something you
dont believe, how foolish are you?

There’s nothing inconsistent about acknowledging an idea you don’t agree with in order to criticize it.

not too mention why would you be trying to discredit something that doesnt exist? by definiton that makes you insane
ah but theres a diff between not believing and not understanding

XD Try to think straight for a moment, plz. I attack belief in god, not god him/her/itself.

why would you attack something you dont think exists? thats pretty foolish, like punching at the air

As I just explained to you, I oppose B-E-L-I-E-F in god. Not god himself.

could get you locked up in a looney bin, you dont believe God exists but yet you attak him?
wheres the logic? thats the only thing I understand, is your illogical
thats symantics, or in lamens terms, same thing

Here’s the logic: there’s no evidence that any gods exist, therefore belief in them is irrational.

heres a fact for you
the bible contains 1000 prophecies, of which 688 have been documented as FACTUAL and True
not opinions or ideas but documented as fact

Oh, good. Link me to this documentation, please.

your binary mind and way of thinking exhumes me

…That word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

Even Jesus death is celebrated around the world by all people, called easter
Easter weekend, is the 3days He spent dead and was risen on the 3rd day or Easter sunday

The fact that people celebrate a religious holiday isn’t proof that your god exists. Sorry.  And, no, not all people celebrate Easter.

in America they tried to discredit Jesus by creating a bunny that lays eggs

So, can you show me the documentation of those prophecies, please?

do your due dilligence, you dont believe in God why should I help you?

Because you’re making an assertion. You should be prepared to back up your own assertions.

since you dont accept God, do it on your own.. except you wont because you are weak
no assertions here brother

XD Are you sure you know what “assertion” means? Because we’ve both made heaps of assertions in this conversation, I assure you.

what you fail to realize is you already accepted Jesus in your heart, your mind will soon follow

…Uh-huh. And you would know this how?

you are intelligent, when you accept Jesus that knowledge will grow

Sorry, but I don’t accept assertions without substantiating evidence.

but when your time of worry comes, worry not, for you have accepted the Lord, he is holding answers to the questions you have unanswered

Ha ha ha ha! You’re really in your own little world, aren’t you?

I am in the world yes, we all are, it is you who created your own world which is soon at an end, then you will live in the world

Does it bother you that you can’t produce evidence for your beliefs?

mock not, and worry not for soon the Lord will come unto you, you will be stricken with terror… but worry not
for the Lord will heal you

Why are you speaking in pseudo-Elizabethan English?

The language of the Lord in itself is a parrabel
The Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets, Amos 3-7

Fab. So, like I asked, does it bother you that you can’t come up with any evidence for this? Or does that seem natural to you?

In time you will understand, The Lord is coming unto you like a thief in the night

I could just as easily say, “In time thou wilt understand that god isn’t real! I won’t actually explain my reasoning, but thou shalt totally agree with me eventually.”

you will be terrified, worry not for the Lord will lift you up
yet you mock, that too will be at an end very soon, for you mock the Lord, He will mock you
For the Lord has revealed it to you, since he has been gracious enough to reveal it to you, it will come true

What you’re saying now is complete wank. There’s no reason either of us should take it seriously.

if it comes true not, then it is because I have spoken my own words and by that I shall die

Are you even attempting to communicate with me anymore, or are you just typing out random Biblical nonsense because it makes you feel important and to be taken seriously?

If you dont believe the Lord then continue on with your blasphemy…

I certainly shall.

but it has been put to an end
I shall pray the Lord has mercy and forgives you of your trespass

And I shall pray that you eventually extricate your head from your ass, though frankly I’m not too hopeful.

And I tell you He already has, for He will put out your blasphemies
and you will speak them no more… and very soon He sneds His visit unto you

Before you go off on another “Thou shalt understandeth!” rant, I do have one thing I’d like to ask: what do you think “exhume” means?

yet you still try to discredit me? I am not taking credit for His words
Glad you have wikipedia pulled up
but why exumes? why not binary?

Because that misuse was slightly less bizarre.

or have you looked that up already

XD No need to take it so personally. You have to admit, though, you’ve clearly got a talent for malapropisms.

your binary way of thinking exumes me( to bring to the light, in this case me) now is that misuse

I’d say so, not that I’m particularly interested in arguing the point. I just wanted to know what you thought the word meant.
Anyway, please resume your sermonizing.

as was said Sir, you are very gifted and very intelligent, that will surley grow in the sight of the Lord, it wont belong before you start
to please Him, and He will smile blessings upon you

/gets popcorn

you still laugh but, there is nothing you can do, he placed it in your heart
you have already accepted him and in time it will follow
you will be made a wise man in the sight of the Lord and thats why i humbly kneel before you

Humbly?! XD Do you seriously think your current attitude is a humble one?  You claim to be in communication with the creator of the Universe, and you claim to know what I’m thinking and how my future will turn out. That’s not humility, that’s arrogance rather poorly cloaked in sanctimonious piety.

Its Love actually, for I have personally done nothing to recieve his good grace
but because of the Lords rightousness He has been gracious unto me
and if it does not come true then you are right
If it comes true then He is right

No– regardless of what happens, I’m still behaving logically, because, as of right now, there’s no evidence for what you’re asserting.

humility and humble are two seprated word entities
then we shall see

XD Oh? And do you have a point to make about the humble/humility distinction, or did you just look it up in an attempt to sound smart?

I did not look it up, but there is quite a diffrenece

And how is that distinction relevant to what we were discussing?

I am actually at work right now humility is like compassion, humble is well humble, and I would be arrogant if I were claiming this as mine
I am seeking nothing in return nor am i seeking credit or glory
For I seek the Lord and He compells me

Actually, humility is the condition of being humble. There is no substantial distinction, except that one’s and adjective and one’s a noun.
My only advice to you is to stop trying so damn hard to sound deep and important. You’re just making a fool out of yourself.

there certainly is, if you are not humble, you will not have humility

And nobody’s ever going to take that “Be not afraid! Thou shalt understand when He lifts you up!” crap seriously.

blessed is he who considers the poor, a humble man considers them out of humilty

At any rate, your preaching does not bespeak humility. There are monarchs who are less self-important than you are.

(Then he signed off.)